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MultiTasker® Tools, Inc. is an established manufacturer of maintenance tools for AR-15/M4-style firearms, including the revolutionary Twist® pen tool, the Nano® tool, and the patent-pending M:4 tool utilizing a weapon-specific design approach. Nothing else can rival our feature set for the AR platform of rifles or match our build quality. Unlike other mass-produced multitools, Multitasker utilizes quality materials and state-of-the-art production methods to deliver superior quality and consistent service. Multitasker employs CNC machining (and solid billet steel material) to make the plier head and other major components. G10 scales, commonly used for tactical knives, are selected to help insure a slip-resistant gripping surface. Aluminum-bronze washers and rust-resistant Ti CarboNitride (TiCN) treatment on the pliers help provide for maintenance-free operation. That's why Multitasker is fast becoming THE tool of choice for leading training professionals as well as elite military/law enforcement agencies. No other multitool can compare. Engineered and manufactured to tight tolerances, MultiTasker tools offer superior performance in the most challenging environments for service you can depend on.

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