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Military Surplus Magazines

Military Surplus Magazines

Military Surplus Magazines: Proven in Combat


When it comes to Military Surplus, every magazine has a story to tell. From patrol to combat, from deployment to the fall of a regime—each milsurp mag is a part of history, and a proven performer.

From classic AR-15 and AK-47 surplus magazines to more obscure platforms like the Bren .303 and CETME C308, GunMagWarehouse, stocks a wide variety of military surplus magazines at rock-bottom prices. Each batch of military surplus magazines is examined prior to listing, with their condition explained in each listing.

Some military surplus magazines are sold practically new, while others will sometimes show blemishes. Military surplus magazines have seen varying degrees of use and are always sold as-is, with matching discounts to reflect the quality and condition of each magazine.

Nonetheless, military surplus magazines were engineered to meet strict mil-spec guidelines, ensuring they’re built to last for years of rugged performance regardless of abuse or condition.

Many American shooters will replace the internals with enhanced springs, anti-tilt followers or even upgraded baseplates for superior handling and feeding, giving you the benefit of modern technology in a magazine that still exhibits the history and authenticity of classic standard-issue gear.

Our stock varies, so be sure to check in regularly to see what we’ve got. We carry everything from Cold War-era classics to pristine G3-style magazines, even hard-to-find pistol magazines.

So grab a few military surplus magazines for your favorite rifles and pistols today—and own a piece of history to go with that classic firearm.

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