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Marlin: 150 Years of Precision American Firearms

Founded all the way back in 1870, Marlin was an early competitor with Winchester on the bold American frontier before making their name in World War I by producing some of the earliest machine guns built specifically for use with aircraft.

Since then, they’ve come to produce a wide variety of lever-action and magazine-fed bolt action rifles like the Model 60, the 795, the XTPS and Model 70PS Takedown.

Offered in a wide variety of different calibers with different features and finishes—from wood and polymer stocks to stainless steel barrels and actions—Marlin’s modern rifles are engineered with the hunter in mind, designed to deal with specific types of prey in different situations.

Marlin is also proud to run their own custom shop, delivering one-of-a-kind, heirloom firearms designed to meet your exact specifications at competitive prices.

Their care and attention to detail extend all the way to accessories and magazines, like Marlin’s durable steel magazines for their rimfire rifles. Lightweight and reliable, Marlin’s rimfire magazines are interchangeable between different rifles—like the 795, XTPS and Model 60—for each caliber.

Marlin provides a 5-year warranty with each of their firearms and will help you work with any defective or less-than-perfect magazines & accessories you receive from the company.

Marlin is proud to offer one of the industry’s most diverse lines of bolt-action rifles, maintaining a generation-spanning legacy of producing definitive, classic American firearms.

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