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ISSC Austria

ISSC Austria

ISSC Austria: Old-World Craftsmanship, 21st Century Technology

From precision, Olympic-style rifles to modern weapons and rimfire trainers, ISSC combines the best of old-world craftsmanship with modern technology and innovation.

Headquartered in Ried, Austria, ISSC is an importer and wholesaler that works with ESC in Ulm, Germany, to bring the best of European firearms to the American market.

ISSC works with major names like Baikal, Mossberg, Heckler & Koch and German Sports Guns (GSG)—producing weapons that are trusted by Germany’s Ministry of Interior and Department of Defense.

With a fresh approach to firearms technology and innovation, ISSC and ESC aggregate new manufacturing technologies to raise the bar on aging designs. They released their first rimfire pistol, the M22, back in 2009, and the SCAR-inspired Mk22 rifle a year later in 2010.

ISSC factory magazines help maximize the reliability and performance of your favorite rimfire firearms, ensuring years of reliable function.

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