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In 1964, Gordon B. Ingram developed the plan’s for what would become one of the 21st Century’s most iconic renegade firearms—the MAC-10 Submachine gun. Built using a simple blowback design and firing from an open bolt, this lightweight and compact SMG would go on to become the basis of Ingram’s Military Armament Corporation and one of the most popular weapons on the silver screen. It shared magazines with the classic M3 Grease gun and its larger carbine counterpart, the MAC Model 6, and shared designs with the MAC-11. Co-Founder Mitchell WerBell added his patented SIONICS suppressor to complete the MAC-10’s iconic look. Military Armaments Corporation has long since gone out of business, but magazines are still readily available and affordable. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a variety of Ingram magazines and accessories at low, budget-friendly prices. Shop our full collection today and save big on your next outdoor adventure.

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