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Established in 2009, FrogLube was started to deliver tangible and immediate enhancement from the initial use of their products. As the only firearms care company that exclusively uses bio-based and food-grade ingredients, FrogLube believes the use of a degreasing solvent AND a lubricant for complete firearms maintenance and care is required. Their two-product system was designed to work quickly and efficiently without leaving behind a sticky and gummy residue to collect harmful dust and other residue. Plus, all FrogLube Extreme and Paste products are heat sensitive which allows them to go to the hot, moving surfaces of your firearms where it's needed the most. This system is an active enhancement that meets or exceeds the firearm's manufacturer's stated operating specifications and all products are extensively field-tested by elite firearms experts to ensure customers get only the best for their personal guns. At GunMag Warehouse, we boast an extensive collection of firearm maintenance and cleaning products from tools to cleaning cloths and wipes at prices that fit any budget. Shop our full selection of FrogLube products today!

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