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Elite Tactical Systems

Elite Tactical Systems

 Elite Tactical Systems: The Choice for Best Magazine is Clear


Combining advanced, ultra-durable clear polymer construction with radical innovation and groundbreaking new features, Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) magazines give you a clear edge over the competition …

It’s not just about looking cool either, ETS clear magazines get rid of the need for tiny witness holes and give you instant visual recognition for ammo capacity. They’re a popular and affordable alternative to Glock factory magazines.

That’s why ETS offers Rapid Recognition System kits in a variety of high-visibility colors—for quick caliber recognition and even faster at-a-glance ammo checks.

Each magazine is crafted from ETS’ unique impact-resistant, chemical-resistant advanced polymer that’s designed to endure extreme hot and cold without ever cracking splitting.

By focusing exclusively on producing magazines for a handful of popular platforms, ETS is able to take a detailed and uncompromising approach to improving the market’s most popular firearms from Glock pistols to 9mm MP5 clones and AR-15 pattern rifles.

ETS AR-15 magazines incorporate a variety of new advancements; from superior ergonomics and a no-tilt follower to a new integrated coupling system for connecting two or more magazines directly. Other new innovations include a groundbreaking tritium follower for easy ammo checks even in the dark.

ETS is also innovating when it comes to speedloaders, with the world’s fastest loader that’s able to scoop rounds up out of the box and feed them directly into your pistol magazine.

ETS magazines are proudly made in America and come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure years of reliable service and function.

ETS AR-15 magazines are designed for lightning-fast maintenance, with tool-free disassembly and clip-on dust covers that keep out dust and debris.

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