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Diamondback Firearms: American-Made Precision Firearms & Parts from Humble Beginnings

Starting with a small shop, just three employees and a dream 30 years ago, Diamondback has become a highly-reliable “under the radar” alternative—offering firearms and accessories made by the American working man for the American working man.

Staying true to their family-operated roots, Diamondback Firearms has grown into a major designer, innovator and manufacturer of American firearms and accessories—with over 200 employees handling every step of the process right here in the United States of America.

For over ten years, the company has been dedicated to creating some of the smallest and most practical carry pistols on the market—including the DB380 and DB9, with each and every part either machined or assembled in-house from all-American materials.

Since then, they’ve branched out into new pistols with the DB9R and rifles/compact carbines with the AM2 and DB rifle series including the DB10 and DB15.

Diamondback believes that every responsible citizen deserves a reliable means for self-defense in this trying age—and without breaking the average American’s budget. They produce high-quality firearms they’re proud to stand behind, recommending their firearms for everyday shooters, battle-tested operators and trusted police officers.

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