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Crucial Concealment

Crucial Concealment

Launched in 2019, Crucial Concealment is an up-and-coming provider of American-made holsters and concealment products. Crucial Concealment is a subsidiary of BlackPoint Tactical, an experienced manufacturer of feature-rich, customizable, and hand-made holsters.

Crucial products are simple, streamlined holster designs that are constructed through a new manufacturing process. From start to finish, these products are built using the latest in 3d scanning and modeling software. Molds are manufactured to precise specifications and are manufactured on precision, custom-built machinery. The production process leverages advancements in manufacturing automation technology to produce accurate and repeatable products.

Shop our full collection of Crucial Concealment ankle holsters, IWB holsters, pocket holsters, and more today, and find quality hand-made holsters at a price you can afford.

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