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 Auto Ordnance: All-American Heritage & Innovation


Founded back in 1916 by John Taliaferro Thompson—inventor of the legendary Tommy Gun—Auto Ordnance has carried on a rich tradition of All-American innovation for over a century now.

And it all started with the .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun that became an icon thanks to prohibition-era gangsters, lawmen, and the soldiers of World War 2.

Through various model years including the Model 1921, 1923 and Model 1928, the Thompson submachine gun gradually transformed into the battle-hardened mainstay that we all know and love today. And Auto Ordnance drove that evolution every step of the way.

Then the company mostly lay dormant, until Auto Ordnance Corporation was bought out by the parent corporation of Kahr Arms, thanks to their Founder and President Justin Moon.

Moon, like Thompson before him, is a ravenous innovator who’s always pushing the bar. With Auto Ordnance, that means staying true to classic designs and construction while refining manufacturing and materials to deliver the ULTIMATE shooting experience.

That means everything from stainless steel 1911 magazines to M1 carbine mags and classic Thompson drum magazines are designed to meet the highest quality standards for superior performance & reliability.

They’re also engineered to keep with the classic aesthetic, look and feel of their historical counterparts, making them a perfect match for display or collecting purposes.

Grab a piece of history for your favorite firearm today with a few spare magazines from Auto Ordnance.

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