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Manufacturing defense products for over 25 years, the Arex® name has become synonymous with innovation and quality, making it a proven name in American and European defense markets. Evolving from the tool department of the former Iskra company in Slovenia, Arex is naturally adept at the fine craftsmanship necessary to produce high-quality pistols—and it shows. Proudly claiming the title as the first combat pistol designed and manufactured in Slovenia, the Rex Zero 1 incorporates the design and features of popular Sig Sauer combat pistols—and offers them at roughly half the price. Engineered from durable but lightweight 7075 aluminum, the Rex Zero 1 features a durable steel slide that’s been nitrocarburized for enhanced resistance to corrosion and typical wear & tear. Rex Zero 1 pistols are offered in a variety of colors and configurations (including a tactical version with raised sights and a threaded barrel, along with models chambered in 9x21mm) the Arex Rex Zero 1 is currently in service with the Slovenian Armed Forces. Like their Sig Sauer® counterparts, Rex Zero 1 magazines feature durable steel construction with tough polymer baseplates for superior durability and uncompromising reliability. Engineered to comply with strict military standards, the Rex Zero 1 pistol is designed to endure serious environmental extremes and offer an expected service life of 30,000 rounds.

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