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Designed specifically for safety training, function testing, or safely de-cocking firearms without damaging the firing pin, A-Zoom® training rounds are precision CNC-machined from solid aluminum to precise SAAMI® cartridge specs, then coated with a hard anodized finish for smooth, reliable functioning and lasting durability. A-Zoom's patented Dead Cap technology is proven to withstand over 3,000 dry fires, ensuring quality performance without damaging your firearm. A-Zoom Snap Caps can be used as a training tool for loading and unloading drills for marksmen and law enforcement professionals, as well as practice rounds for misfires. A-Zoom snap caps are available in over 110 sizes, including rimfire and shotshell calibers and gauges.

A-Zoom Snap Caps and training rounds first hit the market in 2000 and were quickly acquired by Lyman® in 2002 to meet the growing demand for high quality inert training rounds for shooters, hunters, law enforcement professionals, and military personnel. Lyman has been an established and renowned manufacturer of firearm accessories since the late 19th century, developing revolutionary tools and accessories, such as the Lyman Turbo Tumbler brass polishing system, ultrasonic cleaners and rotary tumblers, reloading kits and dies, casting furnaces, bench tools, and more. Today, Lyman continues to produce quality, innovative tools, accessories, and training solutions (like the A-Zoom snap cap) for shooters across the globe.

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