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Surefeed Magazines

Surefeed Magazines

SureFeed: Proven Military Gear for Civilian Shooters

Since 1973, OKAY AR-15 magazines have been the top choice for enlisted men and women of the US Armed Forces. Now, with OKAY’s Surefeed brand, civilians get to enjoy the same reliability and robust quality at affordable prices.

But OKAY’s history with the US government goes even further back—to World War II, when the company produced millions of magazines for use with the M1 carbine.

Surefeed magazines utilize the same lightweight aluminum, mil-spec stainless steel springs, and four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating followers you’ll find in military issue magazines.

With their second evolution (Surefeed E2), grip texture was upgraded for better handling and high-visibility followers were added to make for easier ammo checks in low-light environments. Other innovations, like enhanced feed lip construction, help ensure flawless performance from each E2 magazine.

OKAY magazines are proudly made in America using All-American parts and labor, a claim that few (if any) other magazine manufacturers can make.

They’re also subjected to rigorous quality control testing, checking every spring, every weld, and every dimension to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship for maximum reliability in even the most extreme environments.

Get the same quality that American servicemen trust with their lives every day, with OKAY Surefeed magazines!

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