The New Streamlight Multifuel ProTac 2AA-X USB Light

New for 2024, Streamlight has announced the new ProTac 2AA-X USB tactical light. Sure to be a hit with LEOs and other emergency response personnel, this little light is the perfect addition to any EDC kit. 

streamlight 2aa-x
Streamlight is pleased to announce the introduction of its multifuel 2AA-X USB tactical flashlight. [Streamlight]

Whether you pack a light in your dress pants pocket, in your hunting jacket, or in your vehicle for emergencies, small, light, and powerful is ideal. The Streamlight ProTac 2AA-X USB weighs in at only 3.5 ounces and is constructed with a sturdy aluminum housing and a bright LED bulb. The key feature is that this model is multifuel. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that can be topped off with a USB cord. Alternatively, if a power source is not handy, a pair of readily available AA batteries will suffice. 

“The ProTac 2AA-X USB not only is USB-C rechargeable, but also more than doubles the lumen and candela output of its predecessor,” said Michael F. Dineen, Streamlight’s CRO.  “It gives users the choice of using either a cost-saving USB-C rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries, depending on availability or user preference,” said Dineen. “About the size of a marker, it’s the perfect EDC light for a variety of operating needs.”

Unlike other small flashlights, the Streamlight ProTac 2AA-X has multiple settings that allow you to amp up the brightness or bring it back down to preserve battery life. Activated by a tail switch at the rear of the flashlight, the user can choose a high or low setting, as well as a strobe feature. With the rechargeable pack installed and put at the high setting, the ProTac delivers a 550-lumen beam with a reach of approximately 200 meters. This can be continued for up to 2.25 hours. On the low setting, a dim but functional 40 lumens can be emitted for up to 16 hours. The strobe feature can run for up to 4.5 hours.  When using standard alkaline AA batteries, lumens are cut to 270 and 18 in the respective high and low settings. However, the strobe feature is still present and working for up to five hours. 

This IPX7-waterproof and impact-resistant light is available with either a black or coyote anodized coating and comes with a holster, rechargeable pack, and a USB cord. Both versions will have an MSRP of $105.00

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