Strike Industries’ New Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365

Strike Industries announced its new Strike Slide for the Sig Sauer P365 CCW. This new P365 slide available in black for $259.95 and FDE for $269.95.

Strike Industries Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 in black or FDE.
Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 in black or FDE. (Image courtesy of Strike Industries)

They say the Strike Slide is great for either an upgrade or a custom build. It’s machined in the USA and is lightweight at 7.70 oz which is less than the factory production model. This reduces recoil momentum allowing for quick and effective follow-up placement.

Strike Industries makes an important note to “use only [the] latest generation P365 internal upper parts [and the] newer style P365 extractor and striker.”

Here’s more about Strike Industries’ Strike Slide:

Large enhanced aggressive front and rear serration areas aid in manipulating the slide to check the chamber or clear a jam along with the included left and right side charging handles located towards the rear of the slide. The two large port relief cuts will highlight any styled barrel or work with the Sig Sauer SAS ported barrel and also provides a faster cycle time with its lightweight structure and improved air flow. The Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 is pre-cut for Shield Standard and Docter/Noblex footprints, you are able to mount compatible Micro Red Dot Optics (MRDS) securely with ease without needing to send your slide out to get machined. Additionally, a removable cover plate with a built-in rear sight is included for those who do not want to use an optic. The Strike Slide comes with all necessary screws and posts needed for compatible red dots. The Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 is truly a function and aesthetic upgrade or a great choice for a new custom build.

–Optional STRIKE SLIDE FOR P365 MRDS ADAPTER PLATE to use a RMR red dot or other brands–

Strike Industries Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 machined billet 17-4 Stainless Steel.
Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365. “Made in the USA from machined billet 17-4 Stainless Steel.”( Image courtesy of Strike Industries)

•3.1” 9mm P365 barrel including SAS ported
•Front Sight: P365 compatible
•Grip Modules: Standard, SAS, X, XL (X&XL requires shorter P365 standard barrel)
•With or without manual safety models

Red Dot Compatibility:
•Shield Standard Footprint which include: Sig Sauer ROMEOZero, Shield RMS/RMSc/RMSw/SMS, Holosun 407K/507K, JP Enterprises JPoint, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Swampfox Sentinel, Vector Optics Frenzy-S
•Docter/Noblex Footprint which include: Docter/Noblex Sight C/Sight 2+/Sight III/QUICKsight 5.0 VR, Noblex Sight G, Burris Fastfire 2/Fastfire 3, Delta Optical MiniDot/MiniDot II, EOTech MRDS, Hawke Reflex, Leica Tempus, MAKdot, Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec/Mini Shot Pro Spec, US Optics DRS 2.0/DRS 2.0 Enhanced, Vector Optics Frenzy, Vomz Pilad, Vortex Viper/Venom

Product Specifications:
•Length: 143.65mm (5.66″)
•Width: 22.86mm (0.90″)
•Height: 32.51mm (1.28″)
•Weight: 7.70 oz
•Weight W/ Pkg: 9.40 oz

Package Contents:
•1 Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365
•1 Cover plate
•2 Cover plate screw [M3x5mm]
•1 Charging handle [Left]
•1 Charging handle [Right]
•2 Screw for Docter Red Dot Sight [M3x6mm]
•2 Screw for Vortex Venom [M3x6mm]
•2 Screw for FastFire/MRDS/Viper [M3x8mm]
•2 Screw for Shield/Leupold DeltaPoint [M3x10mm]
•5 Small post
•1 Torx tool [T10]
•1 Loctite Threadlocker Blue 243

Strike Industries Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 Package Contents.
Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 Package Contents. (Image courtesy of Strike Industries)
Strike Industries Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365 Close Up.
Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365, up close. (Image courtesy of Strike Industries)

About Strike Industries (in their own words)

Formed in 2011, Strike Industries is a firearms accessories company composed of avid AR15 and pistol shooters. Although there are already many phenomenal firearm and accessory companies we feel that there are still some areas that have not been explored and ideas that have not been brought forward. Since the AR15 platform is so versatile there are nearly endless options and designs that could be made.

Our products are designed by active shooters for the active shooter in mind and we design and manufacture with these ideals in mind. Quite simply, we would not make design and manufacture a product that we would not personally use on the field

The CEO of Strike Industries, comes from the US Navy as a SH/HH-60 Helicopter Crew Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator/Aviation Warfare Specialist and has real world knowledge of small arms and tactical applications ranging from Spec-Ops to Combat Search and Rescue (STRIKE COMBAT Level IV). We have come a long way since 2011 and as a top provider in the firearms community. Strike Industries’​ success is largely due to the loyalty of its customers and end-users. Strike Industries is committed to ensuring top level products and customer service. We strive to continuously bring innovative solutions to the small arms business.

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