Speakeasy Original “Hoss” Revolver Ring

The Hoss “revolver ring” from Speakeasy Original is one of those things I happened across while tracking virtual SHOT releases. Today being Wheelgun Wednesday, I thought it apropos to share. 

Speakeasy Original revolver ring: the Hoss

Speakeasy Original is a SOCAL custom jewelry company (read, a craftsman at a forge in his garage) run by Jonathan Clingenpeel, whose “day job” is in the 3d modeling department at Oakley. 

Hoss Revolver Ring

Named in honor of the Eric “Hoss” Cartwright played by Dan Blocker in the Western series Bonanza, the Hoss is made of .935 silver and is available in sizes 7 up to 15. Given what can be seen of their custom work, you might be able to get it in other sizes as well. 

manly jewelry: the Hoss revolver ring from Speakeasy Original

Speakeasy Original’s website description reads, 

“Need we tell you where we got our inspiration for this piece? You might still be able to watch some reruns of Bonanza and I’m sure Hoss would be proud to sport this ring. However, the only thing shooting out of this chamber might be your middle finger.”

Speakeasy Original revolver ring: the Hoss
Speakeasy Original is online at speakeasyoriginal.com; you can follow ’em on IG too, @speakeasyoriginal.

Speakeasy Original

Speakeasy Original has a wide variety of designs available, including some you may have seen on the screen while watching Sons of Anarchy. 

Picture taken at a charity event with Sons of Anarchy cast members and Speakeasy Original founder Jonathan Clingenpeel.


Another Speakeasy Original design: “Gypsy Soul”.
The Peek-a-Boo skull ring.

Hoss Cartwright

Dan “Hoss Cartwright” Blocker was a 6 ft. 4 in., 300+ pound actor, a native Texan, and a former infantry sergeant during the Korean War (where he received the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in combat). He portrayed the Cartwright family’s middle son as a somewhat Falstaffian, “big and friendly” character, almost always seen in a brown vest over a white shirt, brown pants, and a flat-brim ten-gallon hat. 

Hoss Cartwright, played by Dan Blocker

Dan Blocker, US Army Korea
Dan Blocker served in the 45th Infantry Division (“Thunderbirds”) during the Korean War. He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat.

Garage forge built revolver ring: the Hoss

Speakeasy Original revolver ring: the Hoss
Behind the scenes with Jonathan at his forge. You can learn more about the man and his work in this interview on radio.com. 

Jonathan Clingenpeel at work

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