Outfitter G3 now in 360 Buckhammer

Traditions Firearms and their Outfitter G3 single-shot rifle line has just received an upgrade! Now, offering the G3 chambered in 360 Buckhammer, those deer will not stand a chance! This development was a combined effort between Remington Ammunition and Tradition Firearms.

Traditions G3 - 360 Buckhammer
Traditions and Remington came together to create this 360 Buckhammer single-shot rifle. Credit: The Shooting Wire

About the G3

Traditions already has a reputation with their G3 single-shot rifle. The rifle is lightweight and has a 22-inch Chromoly Steel barrel. Several of their models, including the 360 Buckhammer version, come with a QD forend for quick takedown and a muzzle brake for recoil reduction. They offer two different series, including their Pro Series, which includes an adjustable cheekpiece. The G3 chambered in 360 Buckhammer has an MSRP of $609.95-$749.95.

360 Buckhammer

Normal straight-wall cartridges have limitations. Remington was not satisfied with this when they developed the 360 Buckhammer. Also manufactured by Federal Ammunition, the 360 Buckhammer reportedly provides low recoil matched with a flat trajectory. Basically, what we are talking about here is bigger bang and straighter shots. Who doesn’t love that combination?

Need One?

The 360 Buckhammer boasts “terminal energy” and reduced recoil that, when paired with the highly accurate G3, is exactly what hunters have been looking for. Remington’s Director of Marketing, Joel Hodgson, released a statement. In it, he said, “We’re more than proud to collaborate with Traditions to help give folks the 360 Buckhammer rifle they’ve asked for, made with trusted Traditions quality.”

Hunters across the country have been longing for a single-shot rifle chambered in the heralded 360 Buckhammer, and Traditions answered the call.

Carl Staas is a former Police Sergeant from West Central Missouri. He spent 17 years in law enforcement, performing routine patrol, investigations, evidence management, and finished his career as a patrol Sergeant and field training officer. He's an FBI LEEDA Trilogy recipient and tactical driving instructor. He doesn't know everything about guns, but he's always trying to learn more!

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