New Rossi Lightweight Carbine

Rossi USA has announced its latest family of rifles to its line-up with the Rossi LWC, or Lightweight Carbine. Not quite out yet, the new group of single-shot rifles from Rossi will be available in a whole host of calibers and offer users the versatility and performance consumers have come to know with the Rossi name, all in a lighter package.

Billed as where fun meets precision, the new line of Rossi rifles delivers precision engineering and expert craftsmanship for all shooters, hunters, or casual enthusiasts. The lightweight design of the LWC has been engineered for superior comfort and use with effortless handling and maneuverability while maintaining power and function. What does all that mean? It means that extended time spent behind the trigger will be comfortable and fun.

Rossi Lightweight Carbine (LWC)
Rossi USA has announced the imminent arrival of a new family of single-shot rifles, the LWC. The LWC will be available in seven different caliber options, like the .350 Legend shown above, which comes factory threaded and has a bargain price tag of $333.99. [Photo: Rossi USA]
Available in different caliber choices (.350 Legend, .300 BLK, 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and 8.6 BLK), the LWC offers versatility across activities and scenarios and is able to meet the needs of different shooters. Across the range of caliber options, the LWC maintains the same power, accuracy, and reliability when it matters most. Not only does the LWC perform, but it also comes from the factory suppressor ready. The barrel of the rifle is threaded at the factory, so adding a suppressor or mount is easy.

According to the company, the Rossi LWC rifle offers the complete package for a single-shot rifle at a truly bargain price for an unmatched value to the owner. The Rossi LWC single-shot rifle is coming soon, but when it does arrive, it’s a solid rifle at the price point. Speaking of price point, the Rossi LWC has an MSRP of $333.99, regardless of the caliber option.

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