Why the Internet is Wrong about the Glock 19X | Video


The easiest way to think about the 19X is this: it is a 19 upper on a 17’s lower. That is a bit reductive, but it captures the essence. The full-sized 17 has a longer slide and a longer grip. The compact 19 has a shorter slide and a shorter grip. There’s no point in putting a short grip on a long slide, but the longer grip of the 17 adds capacity to the compact 19. The combination of the two gave GLOCK a gun suitable for the Army’s MHS trials, which it didn’t win.

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The 19X combines the full-sized frame with a compact slide. You might not recognize it as a GLOCK, as it only comes in coyote tan. In addition, the 19X comes with a GLOCK Marksman Barrel, which has “enhanced polygonal rifling” and an “improved barrel crown.”

To cap off the 19X, the new guns will ship with night sights and ambidextrous slide levers. The whole gun has an nPVD coating that should add even more resilience to an already durable package.

While the 19X isn’t generating the explosive praise that surrounded the launch of the 43, there is a subtle message in the 19X. GLOCK is stepping outside of its box. This gun isn’t quite so basic as most of their introductions. The extras here may indicate that GLOCK is willing to make some modifications to some of their other standards, if only to mix things up (or paint them tan).

The gun will have an MSRP of $749.

GLOCK 19X Specs:

nDLC Finish on Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB)

nPVD Finish on the Slide

Ambidextrous Slide Stop Levers

Reversible Magazine Release

G17 Frame paired with a G19 Slide Assembly

No Finger Grooves (similar to other w/ Gen5 Models)Coyote Brown finish

Coyote Brown pistol case  1st Factory Manufactured Colored Slide of any Glock pistol

Includes one 17 Round Magazine & two 17+2 Round Magazines

9×19 / Safe Action

Length: 7.44 inches

Width:  1.3 inches

Height:  5.47 inches

David Higginbotham is a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. He was a college professor for 20 years before leaving behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry.

  • Brandon S. Franks

    But isn’t the size of the handle the thing that prints? So extending the handle doesn’t actually maintain the Glock 19s conceal-ability. Seems counterproductive IMO.

    Plus You could just add a G17 mag with a sleeve for like $50 gain the same feature.

    • big daddy

      You didn’t watch the video. This is NOT for concealed carry. Watch the video it explains everything and makes sense as to what this gun is for. As with all Glocks it’s a combat handgun and is very specific.

      • Brandon S. Franks

        You’re right I didn’t watch the video. I read the article and I was responding to the author of the article. Who claimed it maintained its concealment stature.

        • Sick-of-it-all

          Yep….a 19 using 17 mags gives one the same capacity as this new cash-grab from Glock ($749 MSRP, so mid to high $600-ish on selves, no thanks). Not aware of a mag sleeve for the 17 mag’s that’ll adapt to a 19…..to fit a 26 using 17 mags, yeah, but not for a 19. No biggie, it’ll protrude a bit, so what. Ambi-slide release, a crown, new finishes on barrel & slide, etc. Why? Never been problems with the old finishes or accuracy. No finger grooves & it’s in Tan? That’s what Cerakote & Dremmel tools are for. This is just another marketing ploy to get civilian suckers to buy a near replica of the M17. At least they didn’t slap the horrific military-mandated thumb safety in it.

        • Kyle

          I can conceal a HK Mark 23 amazingly well (GREATEST HOLSTER EVER), “CONCEALMENT” is subjective….. What works for me, might not work for you.

  • big daddy

    Thank you, finally someone explains it. I tried but it seems everybody on the internet knows best and are all experts.

  • JWR

    Only Glock could get away with slapping lipstick on a pig and the fanboys will eat it up. The Apple computer of the gun world. Trying to recoup their investment like most of the others who submitted for the military trials.

  • Matt

    This argument doesn’t really hold water considering all of the m17s we have seen in military hands have the long slide. I’m no expert on the M17 but didn’t they put the short slides in the contract for special missions/occupations…like for people who need a concealable handgun. Regardless why shouldn’t the public be upset that Glock is acting like they are doing us a favor by offering a pistol no one wants. The only people who will want to buy this are the ones who want to brag that they own “the pistol the Army should have chosen”.

    • Mark Brockway

      Hmm, let’s see: FN 509 (4 inch barrel), CZ P07 (3.7 inch barrel), Beretta APX (4.25 inch barrel), Glock 19 (4 inch barrel) were all entries in the MHS program. None of these are long slides. My definition of a long slide is 5 inches or more which not a single entry was. Also, maybe you should actually shoot a Glock 19X before writing about it.. I’ve shot one and it is fantastic.

      • Matt

        When I said long slide it was in reference to the MHS. M17=standard (long) slide, M18=short slide. I obviously wasn’t talking about competition style long slides. The M17 is standard issue, meaning the army doesn’t care about having a short slide for their standard issue pistol, to me this invalidates the arguments made in the video (the opinion may be valid but apparently not in the eyes of the organization that wrote the requirements). But I guess since I haven’t fired a 19X I’m not worthy of having an opinion.

        • John L

          I would have to agree with you. I shoot IDPA with a 34/35 and I really enjoy the longer slide, but my pistol is primary. Why a long handle and short slide? Rifle is primary and pistole is secondary? So G19 seems better. You can put a 17 upper or use a 17 mag with a spacer, but why? You can also use a 17 barrel if you need velocity!

    • http://looserounds.com/556timeline/ Daniel E. Watters

      The MHS request called out specifications for a full-size and a compact model. However, vendors had the option to submit a single model as long as it met the minimum/maximum size specifications for both the full-size and compact.

      The original MHS specifications drawn up by the USAF and adopted by the US Army used the same exact maximum height for both the full size and compact pistols, so there was no competitive advantage for a vendor to shorten the grip frame for the XM18. I suspect that the minimum barrel length for the XM17 was a direct copy of the original XM9 PDW requirements, which was ~4 inches. So, the Glock 19 barrel was long enough to meet the XM17 minimum requirement, and yet the complete pistol would still be shorter than the XM18 maximum overall length.

      You’ll note that the SIG-Sauer XM18 uses the same exact P320 Carry grip frame as the XM17. The only difference between the two is the length of the slide/barrel assembly.

    • Lost Won

      And they certainly should of.

  • atgr

    I have a 19X, and I certainly didn’t buy it with any thought of using it for concealed carry. Personally, I like the looks of it, and to me, it has some differences from Gen 5’s that I found appealing. The trigger has a better feel than my other Glocks, and it just seems to have a better balance in my hand. To all those that can’t see the sense in this configuration, I say give it a try. You might be surprised, and from what I can see, it looks like Glock isn’t having any problem selling them, anyway.

    • Mark Brockway

      I carry mine. No different from carrying a Glock 17 which is super easy to conceal. Hell, I can even conceal a 34.

  • John L

    Not sure the 19x makes any sense?

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    “There’s no point in putting a short grip on a long slide,” This is where you are dead wrong, it is easier to conceal a longer slide than a longer grip. The 19 X is backwards. It would be much more easily concealed with a 17 slide on a 19 grip.

    • Daniel Shaw

      It’s not made for concealment. That was the point of the video where the reason it exists was explained.

    • Bobhannah

      There are some of us who think the 19 grip sucks but prefer the 19 slide. I am one of those, the 19x is ideal for me

  • Lost Won

    Sig P320 dropfire POS

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  • Brad

    It’s an old concept, think “Colt Commander”

  • Jay Goforth

    I traded my G19 Gen4 for the 19x. I was a little Leary of my decision, but after shooting my 19x I’ve never given my decision a second thought. My 19x is a very accurate shooter, the larger frame increases my handprint, and reduces felt recoil. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Glock 19x.