Heritage Manufacturing Announces New Heritage 92 Rifles

Heritage Manufacturing, the firearms manufacturer known for bringing historical firearms back to life with new varieties, has brought the spirit of the Old West into the present with a new line of lever-action rifles: the Heritage 92 line-up. This updated group of lever-action rifles has its roots deep in traditional rifles yet is perfect for the contemporary cowboy.

Heritage Manufacturing Heritage 92 family of rifles
Heritage Mfg has announced the release of a family of new lever-action rifles with the Heritage 92. This family of rifles takes the rifles from the Old West, updates them, and brings them back to life with modern options and accuracy while maintaining the historic feel. The rifles are available in many historic calibers and different barrel profiles and lengths. [Photo credit: Heritage Mfg]
The Heritage 92 family of rifles takes its style cues from rifles of yore and adds in today’s precision and manufacturing performance that shooters demand. The rifle line has a multitude of classic and legendary calibers to choose from, including but not limited to .357 Magnum, .45 Colt, and .44 Magnum. Each model of rifle is available in three different finishes, such as: stainless steel with hardwood, PVD gold finish with hardwood, or polished black with hardwood. Each finish allows the end-user to select what matches their own personal style best.

Additionally, the Heritage 92 family each has adjustable buckhorn sights to aid in more precise aiming, and according to the company, the rifles have unmatched accuracy regardless of shooting scenarios. Depending on which model is selected, the rifles have different profile barrels, like the historic octagonal design, and different barrel lengths between 16.5 inches and 24 inches, again helping the consumer pick their perfect rifle.

The new Heritage 92 family of lever-action rifles is the latest iteration of Western craftsmanship. Rich with frontier nostalgia, they are perfectly at home on the range or ranch. The rifles range from 6-round capacity up to 12-round capacity options. The full line of Heritage 92 rifles from Heritage Manufacturing is available now and starts in the mid $800s.

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