Gen 5 Glock 17L MOS: New for 2024

Glock has announced the latest edition of the perennial favorite 5th Generation Glock 17, the G17L MOS. The newest G17 chambered in 9mm joins a full line of Glock pistols and combines all the features that consumers would expect from a long barrel with an MOS Glock.

The newest high-performance Glock has a long 6.02” barrel inside the well-balanced slide, which allows for a long sight radius for better accuracy. The barrel is the Glock Marksman Barrel, one of the upgraded Gen 5 features of this pistol. It also features MOS technology for easy sight mounting for even better accuracy, along with the lighter trigger pull purpose-built for competition and precision.

Glock G17L MOS pistol
Glock released the newest Glock 17 with the G17L MOS. This long-barreled 9mm pistol has no finger grooves, a lighter trigger pull, and ambidextrous or reversible controls for a better user experience. [Photo credit: Glock]
“As Perfection Continues at Glock, we are continually in the development of new technologies and expanding our product offering. We are excited to bring you these two new additions to the Gen5 line of pistols, “ said Josh Dorsey, VP at Glock, Inc.

Moreover, the upgraded features and technology of the Gen 5 G17L MOS include the removal of finger grooves for a more individualized grip from user to user. The Gen 5 G17L MOS has been designed for various users, and as such, the slide stop lever is ambidextrous, and the magazine catch is reversible, so the pistol can be configured to match either left—or right-handed shooters.

The pistol has key safety features, like the Safe Action System, which has three independently operating mechanical safeties that have to be disengaged sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically re-engaged as it is released. According to Glock, this pistol and its features mean maximum performance and reliability aren’t compromised for the safety of the pistol and user.

The new Gen 5 Glock 17L MOS comes with a standard 17-round magazine from the factory, with 10-round and 24-round magazines available. Shipping soon to dealers, the G17L MOS prices aren’t posted on the company’s website but look to be comparable to other MOS models.

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