Keen Insights: The Buck 110—Nothing Subtle About It

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is a classic that is as useful today as it was six decades ago when Buck Knives bet the farm on the design. Brass, wood, and steel.

Keen Insights: EDC Bolt-Action Pen from Honey Badger Arsenal

Have a penchant for handmade EDC gadgets? Check out this bolt-action pen from Honey Badger Arsenal--an exquisite writing instrument.

The Cold Steel Pocket Bushman—Weirdest Knife I Own

Looking for a solid knife with a solid lock that won't break the bank? Check out the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman. This is a beast.

Blood, Mud, and Launch: The Kershaw Launch-7

The Kershaw Launch 7 is a well-designed little auto-opener with lean geometry and robust build, all of which make it a legitimate EDC knfe.

TOPS Hornero — A Compact Fixed-Blade With a Full-Sized Handle

Is it possible to have too much knife? The TOPS Hornero makes a case for a small knife with a large grip and lots of potential. This is an EDC fixed-blade that can stand up to anything.

Keen Insights: The Flyweight Benchmade Bugout

Looking for a really light knife that can stand up to some abuse? The Benchmade Bugout is about as good as it gets.

Keen Insight: Emerson CQC-6, Origins and Story

The Emerson CQC-6 is quite possibly the most sought-after model of any knife that Emerson makes. Let’s take a look at its history and features.

Keen Insights: Let’s Talk Lock-blades

Looking for a pocketknife that can take a beating? Want to know more about how locks work? Start with these basic lock designs.

Spyderco Lil Native Folding Knife — the Native’s Little Brother

This recent evolution of the Native is a smaller package. Are there benefits to a smaller knife blade? Here's the Spyderco Lil Native.

Keen Insight: a New Mag Life Series on Knives

The Mag Life Blog is getting into knives with a new column on everything blade-related: Keen Insight. Stand by for knife reviews and more.

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