Bulldog Cases Deluxe Satchel Go Bag

My wife sometimes jokes that I have more “purses” than she does. Of course, she’s referring to the myriad of tactical bags in my inventory. I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for all sorts of tactical bags, and I’m always on the hunt for that “perfect” bag.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Bulldog Cases Deluxe Satchel Go Bag. Is it useful, and is it worth the money? We’re going to let you know!

Bulldog Cases

Bulldog Cases has been producing some very cool tactical gear for some time now. Gun cases, concealed carry purses, holsters, rifle slings, backpacks, bow and arrow cases, go bags, range bags, vaults & safes, gun locks…well, you just have to go to their website to see all of their gear. Prepare to spend a bit of time there, because they have a lot of products.

I’ll further mention, in general, that their products are very reasonably priced for what the consumer gets.

“Go Bags”

Normally, I carry my firearm on my person. At least 99% of the time. It’s just more secure that way, and I can access it a whole lot faster when I draw from a holster on my person. But every now and then, I might be wearing clothing that isn’t great for carrying a holster. Perhaps I’m wearing a swimming suit or wearing gym shorts (both rare events for me). In that case, I might throw my handgun into a carry bag, along with a few spare magazines.

Or, for whatever reason, I might have two handguns along for the ride. If I’m going into a really seedy environment, I might want a backup pistol, and a bag might be a way that I’ll transport it. Again, it’s a very rare event for me, but you never know, and having options is always a nice thing.

If we plan on hitting the beach or taking a long hike through the woods, a go bag will definitely accompany me. As mentioned, I might bring a bottle of water along. Most likely a spare flashlight, maybe a few spare batteries. A fixed-blade knife wouldn’t be out of the question, either. Perhaps a few snacks in case hunger pangs assail us. A multi-tool, which is worth its weight in gold, will also be standard equipment. Definitely a spare magazine or three, depending.

A small first-aid kit, or at least a couple of items, are also a good idea. You know, the more I drone on about this, the more I’m thinking I may need to write an article about go bags, and what are some good items to bring along during hikes and such. I may need to run that by my editor, who is so understanding and patient, frequently indulging my crazy ideas.

But I digress.

Deluxe Satchel Go Bag

Let’s take a quick look at the dimensions of the Bulldog Tactical Deluxe Satchel Go Bag. When fully loaded, the bag comes in a is 11″Hx6.5″Wx5.5″D. When it arrived, it was actually smaller than I had anticipated. But then photos on the internet rarely give much of a comparison for us to have a reference. At first, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be large enough for my wants.

Aside from that, my other first impression is that the material used on this bag is pleasingly thick and heavy, giving confidence that this product will hold up well. To be honest, I’m not surprised by this, as other products that I’ve received from this company have been the same; sturdily built, with good stitching and construction. To put it simply, their items are built to last.

Other facets of the Deluxe Bag include: are

  • A rapid access pistol compartment with a universal holder
  • A “Stay Open” extra magazine and tactical light compartment
  • A zippered Hi-Vis padded accessory compartment
  • A compartment that holds three AR-15 magazines
  • Multiple interior compartments with organization pockets
  • An adjustable, removable waist or shoulder strap (the bag can be used as a waist pack or satchel)
  • A water-resistant shell

Needless to say, it’s a feature-rich bag. Let’s go more in-depth.

An outer pocket comprises the rapid-access pistol compartment. At the top, there is a heavy, nylon strap that can be yanked to open the compartment for access to a handgun. It’s secured by a hook-and-loop panel but can be zipped up to be more secure if you’re not carrying a handgun.

Bulldog Go Bag with pistol.
Viewed from the side, we can see the main compartment and how the pistol fits into the holster within. We also can see the front, with the panel open and the pistol exposed, ready to draw from concealment. Normally, the top zipper for the main compartment would be zipped closed and the pistol drawn from the front. Photo: Jim Davis.

This compartment leads to the inside, main compartment, where there is a sort of holster to secure your handgun. The holster is very thin leather, and is very bare-bones, to say the least. It’s just enough to keep your handgun secure inside the satchel. For flexibility, it has Velcro on the back so you can position it anywhere inside the compartment that you’d like, and at any angle.

Further, there is another hook-and-loop panel that secures the mouth of the holster, so you can tailor the fit of the holster to any handgun, within reason. My Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with optic does fit into this area and holster with a slight amount of room to spare. However, I’d not expect a handgun much larger than it to fit comfortably. I believe a Glock 19 would fit, but it’s not a good idea to push the envelope much larger than that.

I think a Hellcat or Sig P365 would be the perfect size, given the room available. The pistol would take up the main compartment of the bag when carried.

Just behind that main, zippered compartment is another one with an open top, and this is where three AR-15-sized magazines will fit.

Bulldog Bag with multi-tool and AR-15 magazines.
Running the entire length of the bag in the rear is a pocket that features a lime green interior so you can easily find items in low light. It’s a thoughtful detail! Seen here is a Gerber multi-tool, which comes in handy. Just in front of that are three AR-15 magazines. I used 20-round mags simply because they didn’t protrude as far, but 30-round mags will also work just fine. Photo: Jim Davis.

Behind that compartment is another one, secured by a zipper, that also runs the length of the bag. It has a fluorescent green, hi-visibility interior, making it easy to find items in low light. Any number of items could be carried in there, including a spare pistol magazine or two.

Moving to the front, we have another compartment/pouch secured by a zipper. Here is where a few pistol magazines could be carried, along with a flashlight, secured inside by wide, elastic loops. If you don’t want the loops in there to organize things, you can remove them, as they are held in place by hook-and-loop panels.

Bulldog bag's handgun compartment.
The pouch on the right has elastic bands for securing pistol magazines, flashlights, and other goodies. That shingle can also be removed if you just want to use the empty pocket. To the left, the butt of the pistol can be seen, secured in its holster. The pocket that covers the holsters and pistol has a heavy strap at the top so it can be ripped away easily to facilitate drawing the handgun. Photo: Jim Davis.

On the outside of that pouch is another little pouch that’s secured by a magnetic snap for storing other smalls.

I forgot to add that the pouch that hides the handgun has a flap over it that is secured by Velcro. On the flap of that pouch is a zippered compartment so that you can store other small items. And inside that pouch, there are two other small dividers, further enhancing your ability to organize.

This go bag has tons of compartments!
Yes, the pockets have pockets! There are little organizers everywhere in this bag. Even the flaps to compartments have zippered compartments to store little items. There’s no shortage of storage on this bag. Photo: Jim Davis.

This bag definitely has several areas to store smaller items and keep them in order and organized.

The rear two pouches that house the part where you can store AR-15 mags and the utility pouch behind it are a unit that attaches via hook-and-loop panels that can be flipped up. Behind that is where the belt/carry strap goes. It also has hook-and-loop panels, so it can detach if you want to carry it without the strap.

The strap, by the way, is fully adjustable via a buckle, giving you belt or shoulder carry options.


All in all, this little satchel gives the user a wide range of use options. From carrying a concealed handgun with several spots to carry spare ammo and a flashlight. It can also serve as a go bag for your AR-15 magazines.

It would also be great to take on a hike, as you can stuff a good amount of gear into it. The items that I mentioned at the start of this article will certainly fit, and you can keep them well organized between all the pouches and dividers that are included within.

Overall, this product gets two thumbs up.

And now, I saved one of the best parts for last: as of this writing, it sells for only $27.99 at GunMag Warehouse! I couldn’t believe that reasonable price for all the features that you’re getting. Grab one of these while they’re still here because I have a feeling that, at this price, they won’t be around for very long. I’m glad I picked one up!

Jim Davis served in the PA Dept. of Corrections for 16 ½ years as a corrections officer in the State Correctional Institute at Graterford and later at SCI Phoenix. He served on the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), several of those years as a sniper, and also the Fire Emergency Response Team (FERT). For 25 years, he was a professional instructor, teaching topics including Defensive Tactics, Riot Control and Tactical Operations, Immediate Responder, and cognitive programs as an adjunct instructor at the DOC Training Academy. He was then promoted to the title of corrections counselor, where he ran a caseload and facilitated cognitive therapy classes to inmates. His total service time was close to 29 years. He was involved in many violent encounters on duty, including incidents of fatalities. He is a dedicated Christian and attributes any skills that he has to the glory of God.

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