Brass Tacks: Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm


While the Sig Sauer P229 has been around for 52% of forever, the Legion series is just a couple of years old. The idea behind Legion is simple. Take the basic and tweak appropriate features for serious users.

The Legion adds the following. It contains a Gray Guns designed trigger assembly which not only smooths out the feel, provides a crisp break, but also reduces pull weight. This one measures 8 ½ pounds for double-action and 4 pounds for single-action.

The sights are also upgraded. The X-RAY3 sights feature a large fiber optic dot on the front with a Tritium insert. The rear sights are notch-style with serrations to reduce glare. The notch is flanked by small Tritium vials.

Accuracy is stellar. Almost every ammo tested grouped below two inches for five shots at 25 yards.
Accuracy is stellar. Almost every ammo tested grouped below two inches for five shots at 25 yards.

Like the traditional P229 models, it’s a double-action, single-action design. There’s no safety lever – just a decocker. The longer and heavier first trigger press acts like a revolver, requiring a deliberate action to fire the first shot. Subsequent shots operate in single-action. If you don’t fire a full magazine and need to reholster, just flip the decocking lever down to safely drop the hammer and return to double-action mode.

There are other upgrades like spiffy G10 grips, forward slide cocking serrations and improved checkering on the grip and underneath the trigger guard to prevent support hand slippage.

It ships with three 15-round magazines but considering the “all business” intent of this pistol, you’ll want more.

With its gray finish and G10 grips, it's an attractive pistol too.
With its gray finish and G10 grips, it’s an attractive pistol too.

So What?

Here’s what’s interesting about the Sig Sauer P229 Legion.

The sights are truly fantastic. Some sights are good in daylight. Others are good in lower light. Some work great against light backgrounds, while others (fiber optic for example) show brightly against dark backgrounds. These are highly functional against most any background in any ambient light condition. The large front dot really jumps into vision.

The trigger also shines. Part of the Gray Guns design is a special short action reset feature. Normal P229 pistols reset after about 3/8ths of an inch of forward travel. This one resets in just 1/8th of an inch. If you shoot for speed using the reset, you’ll love this trigger.

Reliability is boringly consistent. I’ve put over 2,000 rounds through the pistol shown here with near 20 types and styles of 9mm ammo. I’m still waiting for the very first malfunction of any kind.

Overall, you’ll feel the differences. Like a fine car where the doors make a satisfying yet subtle “click” when you shut them, the P229 Legion just oozes quality.

Tom McHale is a committed learning junkie always seeking a new subject victim. As a lifelong student of whatever grabs his attention on any particular day, he thrives on beating rabbit trails into submission. In between his time as a high-tech marketing executive, restaurant owner, and hamster cosmetology practitioner, he's published seven books and nearly 1,500 articles about guns, shooting, and the American way.

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5 thoughts on “Brass Tacks: Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm

  1. All Metal. All Business.
    My P229 E2 Enhanced Elite in 9mm, Cerakoted blue-jean blue, with short reset trigger, threaded barrel (for that extra half inch of barrel length only), and silencer-height night sights, upgraded with 1 of the 200 factory slide systems with Romeo1 reflex optic, ang Grayguns SS guide rod and spring upgrades, all run through the Sig Custom Shop for enhanced action, is not only a highly reliable workhorse, but lightning fast in response to trigger pull and optical acquisition – all for less than the street price for similar RX and Legion equivelents. I also carry the highly-concealable baby brother of the P229, the wildly under appreciated P224 DAK (yet another fantastic tool Sig ran up and then promptly shut down), straight out-of-box stock, with night sights, which functions fantastically with the P229 magazines, enabling me to enjoy range time with both by preloading my Sig range bag full of Sig 15rd magazines. Lots of parts are interchangable too – an important feature as Sig parts supply chain all but dried up as they reallocated their entire supply chain to the polymer pistol line over a year ago.

    1. Time will tell if Sig’s decision to put most of its eggs in the polymer/striker basket? I switched from Sig to Glock following both spinal and hip surgeries, due to weight to gun and spare mags; but don’t shoot the Glock’s as well. 10+ years ago, the best selling Sig was a 229, not a 226, 220,etc So surprised Sig didn’t come out with a 229 Legion right away? Hope Sig comes out with a SAO 229 Legion, as they did with 226? That should be a great seller?

      1. Sig does offer the P229 in SAO, just so you know. Google it. Im not a SAO fan, but as typical of Sig’s Legion line the description of features is impressive.
        As for the weight of a (the) P229, it’s typical of pistols its size. Loading the thing, also as typical, increases its weight significantly. Adding the weight of additional mags, of course, ramps up your payload.
        I’m not a polymer gun fan. I know, Coke-Pepsi, but the bulk of the things, to me, is a deal-breaker. If there’s a weight difference, it cant be much, and I’d rather carry a couple more ounches than a pistol with the gerth of a poly gun. If the weight was really an issue I’d rather shed the extra mags. Face it, unless you’re going into combat, 15+1 rounds is more than enough for self defense at close quarters, even against multiple offenders.
        In response to those who worry 15 rounds isnt enough, I say practice CQB pistol shooting. Shooting paper at 25yds at an indoor range is NOT equivelent. First of all, there’s no stress involved. Second, paper doesn’t move, or shoot back. Third, if your offender is that far away, calling it self defense starts getting real iffy to a jury.
        Finally, I cant over-emphasise the importance of buying – and practicing with – a teally good holster. Sig offers several excellent variants for their P229. I have both an OWB and IWB, and select for them situationally. If you happen to (also) own a P224, they not only use P229 mags, but fit perfectly in P229 holsters. The P224 is a slightly smaller version of the P229, so it makes sense. It’s also lighter, and pares well with the P229 as your EDC CCW, allowing the P229 to be your duty or OWB (under a jacket) tool.
        Hope you didnt trade in your P229 for that glock.
        Good luck, and take care of your back.

  2. Not to mention the Legion’s beavertail grip frame, not seen on previous P229 variants. The beavertail accords a confident grasp and real hand protection from slide bite.

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