Beretta Releases To New Tomcat Pistols

Beretta has released its newest pistol, the 30X Tomcat. With two models to choose from, this ultra-concealable pocket-type pistol offers enhanced comfort, unmatched Beretta durability, and effortless loading.

The new 30X Tomcats offer a compact and lightweight construction for easy carrying in a pocket, backpack, or survival bag without the extra bulk of full-sized pistols. According to Beretta, the 30X Tomcats offer discreet yet formidable options for a multitude of situations. The two models, the “Get Home Bag” and “Do It Yourself/Just In Case”, feature the Effortless Loading System, a push-button mechanism that removes the need for racking the slide in a quiet and easy way, a perfect addition for those with limited hand strength.

Beretta 30X Tomcat "Get Home Bag" model
Beretta released two new 30X Tomcat pistols at the NRA Show last week, the Get Home Bag and the Just In Case models. The Get Home Bag model is chambered in .32 ACP, has an 8-round capacity, and weighs just under 17 ounces unloaded. [Photo credit: Beretta]
“In the hands of a survivalist, a pistol becomes more than a tool; it’s the embodiment of readiness, a symbol of preparedness, and the silent guardian of self-reliance in the face of uncertainty,” says Dina Sanders, Brand Marketing Manager – Tactical. “The 30x Tomcat is an excellent choice as your stealthy sidekick.”

With increased magazine capacity and repositioned controls for accessibility, the new 30X Tomcats have a skeletonized trigger and hammer for a 35% lighter pull than previous models. The new pistols also feature dovetail slide cuts for user-adjustable and changeable iron sights and new “Helica” textured grips for a more comfortable hand feel. The pistols now come with 8-round standard capacity magazines, the .32 ACP pistols are a powerhouse in their small size.

Just In Case model 30X Tomcat from Beretta
The second pistol, the Just in Case or Do it Yourself, weighs right at 16 ounces unloaded and features dovetail slide cuts and textured grips for a comfortable shooting experience. [Photo credit: Beretta]
Making its first public appearance at the NRA Show last week, the new “Get Home Bag” and “Do It Yourself” 30X Tomcats will be shipping to dealers soon and should be available to consumers by the end of the month. Both pistols weigh under 17 ounces unloaded, and the “Get Home Bag” model is slightly heavier and has a longer barrel. The starting MSRP for both 30X Tomcat pistols is $599.

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