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Springfield XD 9mm Clips & Magazines

Tracing its roots back to the supremely reliable HS2000 pistol, which was a favorite among Czech military & police, Springfield’s X-treme Duty (XD) series offers unparalleled customizability and performance for competition, carry, and casual days at the range.

With perfected ergonomics, enhanced safety features and a crisp striker-fired trigger, Springfield’s line of 9mm XD pistols offer the best of both worlds—combining the reliability of a Glock with the comfortable grip angle of a 1911.

The original 9mm XD series was released in 2002, with the XD Mod.2 fine tuning the design and incorporating key enhancements for improved performance.

The XD(M) further improved the platform with interchangeable backstraps and aggressive grip texturing, while the XD-S transformed the pistol into a perfect concealed carry 9mm with single-stack  magazines many of the same features and advantages, while the XD-E incorporated a hammer into the subcompact carry pistol.

Available in a variety of calibers—including .45 ACP, .40 S&W and 9mm—Springfield’s XD pistols are also offered in full-size, compact and subcompact, with a perfect selection for practically any task. Grip X-Tension accessories are also available, adding much-needed grip area and a natural over-insertion stop for using full-sized and compact clips/magazines with smaller models.

Proven in combat, competition and on duty, Springfield’s 9mm XD pistols are a rock-solid performer that’s always ready to finish the fight.

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