The Streamlight Macrostream USB: Small but Powerful

Flashlights are one of the most overlooked yet universally significant tools out there. Whether your job calls for having a reliable flashlight or if you just like being prepared, the Streamlight Macrostream USB flashlight is a great choice. It has several hidden features that really made it exceed my expectations. 


This flashlight is about 4.5 inches long and weighs 2.2 ounces. Its size and weight make this flashlight insanely portable and versatile for EDC. This isn’t necessarily a super slim option, however, it’s still surprisingly small considering the power it packs. 

Two photos collaged, the on on top showing the 50 lumen light, and the one on the bottom showing the 500 lumen light.
50 lumens (top) on low, and 500 lumens (bottom) on high. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

On its high setting, the flashlight shines at 500 lumens with a 90-meter beam, running up to two hours on a full charge. This exceeds the average EDC flashlight by far since many max out around 250 lumens. The low setting shines at 50 lumens and a 30-meter beam, running up to eight hours on a full charge. It appears to have a warm-toned light, which is great for fog and better color visibility. 

Hand holding a flashlight with it shining on the wall.
The power button sits conveniently on the end of the flashlight which is the perfect placement for several grips. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

Changing between the two settings is simple as well. All you need to do is double-click the button on the end and it will change from the high setting to the low setting. 

The casing is made of an anodized machined aluminum construction. Basically, this means it has an electrochemically treated aluminum casing, creating a protective layer on top. In this case, this makes it more durable and resistant to corrosion (and it can also be used to improve the metal aesthetically). And this protective coating won’t peel off either. On top of that, anodized aluminum is three times harder than many other raw materials and is around 60% lighter than other metal casing options. 

Streamlight made sure that their flashlight meets specific standards for performance. It’s been certified to be IPX4 water resistant and can sustain (or at least be resistant to) an impact from as high as one meter. 

The lens is also pretty durable. For example, this flashlight has a polycarbonate lens. Polycarbonate lenses are incredibly scratch resistant as well as resistant to temperature extremes and have high clarity. It’s actually the same material used in prescription glasses as well as safety glasses (so, it’s perfect for another durable tool to help you see clearly). 

The Streamlight Macrostream in its packaging.
The Streamlight Macrostream flashlight comes with several accessories. All additional information about the flashlight’s quality is on the back of the package. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

The price of the flashlight might seem high to some, but in reality, it really is at a reasonable price point for the piece of gear. If you’re in the market for a reliable little flashlight this is a great investment. The Streamlight Macrostream could easily follow you for a lifetime. 


The Streamlight flashlight dismantled showing the battery and USB cord.
The Streamlight Macrostream unscrews to reveal the rechargeable battery. Streamlight even provides a quality charging cord with the purchase. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

Streamlight made sure that this flashlight would do well on the go. It has a Lithium-ion battery that is actually rechargeable. It takes around four hours to get a full charge, but that is very reasonable and personally, I’ll take a four-hour charge time over an overpriced pack of batteries every few weeks. They even give you a Streamlight EPU-5200TM portable USB charger, so it’s easy to plug this into a portable battery, your car, or any USB-compatible device with charging capabilities. The flashlight also automatically turns off after 10 minutes if left untouched in an effort to preserve your battery life. 

When it comes to electronic tools that will most likely be used in rugged situations, the last thing you want to worry about is dirt, debris, or water getting in the charger port. Streamlight tackled that issue, too, and they did it exceptionally well. All you have to do is pull forward on the head of the light to expose the micro USB charging port. There’s even a fitted O-ring securing the compartment when closed, which is extra reassuring to make sure this is disaster-resistant. Getting dirt, water, or other objects inside a charger port can quickly become a nightmare. This feature surprised me, and it’s one of my favorites. This is such an easy way to solve a small yet significant issue. Also, it seems to be more protective and convenient than the typical rubber seal which can be hard to grip if you don’t have long fingernails. 

The Streamlight Macrostream with the protective sleeve pulled back to show the USB charging port.
Here you can see what the flashlight looks like with the charger port open, as well as the protective O-ring. I seriously love this feature. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)


Streamlight does provide a lifetime warranty for their product, but it is limited. It is recommended that you keep your proof of purchase and register your flashlight on their website. They will repair, replace, or refund your flashlight if they agree it’s defective. They, however, will not replace:

  • Batteries
  • Bulbs
  • Damaged parts due to average wear from use

The limited lifetime warranty also excludes the following, which instead has a two-year warranty with proof of purchase:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Chargers
  • Switches
  • Other electronics

If you need a part excluded from the warranty repaired, Streamlight warns that you need to stay within the brand for replacement parts. However, their service options are limited and will likely require the company to repair it anyways. Their resource to get repairs is on their website.


This flashlight is great as an EDC no matter what your everyday life may be. Its high and low settings can be great no matter the setting, and you can keep its charge up just about anywhere. From a defensive standpoint, having a good light is a must for proper threat identification. Although this is a handheld light, it’s very usable while also holding a firearm. There are different methods you can use to hold the light while gripping a handgun, it just takes a little practice. Never underestimate the value of a good flashlight.

The Streamlight Macrostream laying out with it's lanyard attatched.
The provided lanyard attaches to the flashlight with a small key ring that goes into a notch on the hat clip. (Photo credit: Grace Stevens)

Need a hands-free option? Streamlight provides two ways to carry. One is the adjustable lanyard provided in the packaging. It has a slider so you can adjust the position on your chest, as well as detaching ends to let the excess hang out of the way. Alternatively, there is a detachable clip on the flashlight itself that is great for your hat brim so that the light moves with you. 

Final Words

I am a huge fan of this flashlight. It’s light, versatile, durable, and packs a powerful light in such a small size. It will certainly become my everyday carry because even though I have a flashlight on my phone; it’s no match for the Streamlight Macrostream. This is well designed with several concerns taken into consideration such as weatherproofing, accessibility, and maneuverability. Between the clip, the sliding charging sleeve, and the high lumens, this flashlight is my new favorite. 

Grace Ainsworth Stevens is an outdoor writer and political cartoonist who writes for a number of industry publications including The Truth About Guns and Breach Bang Clear. She's been hunting everything from deer to feral hogs since grade school and started honing her handgun skills at the age of 13. Grace's art is Second Amendment focused and speaks to current events and gun world cliches. She's also a college sophomore and will fight you over robotics and early education issues.

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