Strike Industries’ New Strike Slide for Sig Sauer P365

Strike Industries announced its new Strike Slide for the Sig Sauer P365 CCW. It is available in black for $259.95 and FDE for $269.95.

With the Amend2 S300 Grip Module, You Can Use P365 Mags in Your P320!

The S300 Grip Module from Amend2 allows your P320 to utilize P365 magazines and shrink its overall size to something much more concealable.

Long Term Sig Sauer P365 Review + P365 XL Reviews

A thorough Sig Sauer P365 review: how is the gun running these days? Plus reviews on the Sig P365 XL - the best of both worlds?

Sig P365 vs. Glock 43X — Battle of the Latest CCWs

It's 2021 and 6 round single stack 9mms are out. We need ten rounds and more. Today we have a Sig P365 Vs Glock 43X showdown. Which offers more?

P365 Vs Hellcat – Micro Compact Combat

The SIG P365 changed the carry game, and now the Hellcat has come along to give it some competition. Now we are doing a bit of a P365 vs Hellcat competition.

SIG P365 Holster Options for your Every (365) Days of Carry

The P365 is made to be carried everyday, but even with a small gun that can be tricky. Here's a SIG P365 holster lineup to help you get it done right.

ProMag’s Sig P365 Drum — 50 Rounds of Silly

Ever wanna shove a drum in your Sig P365? Oh, you don't. Well, I have a P365 drum for you anyways. Does it work? Let's find out.

New to the P365 Series: P365X ROMEOZero

The P365X ROMEOZero combines the 3.1-inch barrel of the original P365 with the P365XL XSERIES grip module, 12-round mag and ROMEOZero RDS.

PMM 365 Comp – Carry Gun Compensator

A comped carry gun wasn't a thing 5 years ago. Now, even the smallest guns can be comped, and the PMM 365 Comp is the ultimate P365 compensator.

The SIG P365 Air Gun – Ramen Noodle Training?

These past few months, the ole COVID 19 has restricted many of us in our homes with little to nothing to do. With that in mind, we have all been looking to find means to maintain our training standards as well as entertain ourselves. SIG may have offered us a little bit of both with […]

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