S&W M&P 12: the Smith & Wesson Bullpup Shotgun

The MP12 bullpup shotgun, a dual-tube magazine design in 12-gauge, is the first Smith and Wesson shotgun offering in many years

Media Mayhem—Can shotguns hit two targets with one shot?

Movie Madness is all about finding the truth behind tropes regarding guns, gear, knives, tactics, and more from the world of fiction. We explore tropes from video games, movies, tv, and whatever other media comes our way. In our first edition of the truth about tropes, we are going to look at an old video […]

SGM Tactical Saber Boss – 500 Rounds Later

The 12 gauge shotgun is an adaptable, multi-role weapon. Upgrades like the SGM Tactical shotgun muzzle break can substantially improve performance.

The Top 5 Magazine Fed Shotguns

Mag fed shotguns have been around for decades, but they were hard to find. Not anymore. Now you can upgrade your pump-action shotgun, find a suitably AR style shotgun, or take a hint from Owen Zastava Pitt and run an AK style semi-automatic shotgun.

The VRPA40 — Mightily Impressive and Mag-Fed

Who doesn't love a shotgun with a capacity that changes from 5 to 9 o 19 rounds? The VRPA40 brings a pump action to the VR line.

The VRBP 100 – The Bullpup, Mag Fed, Monster (Review)

Rock Island has a new bullpup shotgun, and we've had it on the range. Meet the VRBP 100.

Mossberg’s Mag-Fed 590M is Reinventing the Pump Shotgun

Looking for unfailing reliability and increased capacity? Check out the Mossberg 590M.

The Citadel RSS1 – A Shoulder Pounding Good Time

Everybody needs at least one AK pattern shotgun. And now there's a new option from Citadel. It will eat anything you feed it, and it won't break the bank.

The Witness Protection Shotgun – A Novel Concept

The U.S. Marshals are the country’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. Their storied history is full of gunfights, felons, and plenty of bad guys getting their rightful comeuppance. The U.S. Marshal’s service has a unique role in the Federal Court system that protects high profile witnesses that are often in danger due to their testimony. […]

The M870 Riot Gun – From Ohio With Love

This old 870 saw service with the Ohio National Guard. How does the classic 870 stand up after decades of hard use?

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