SNEAK PEAK: Global Ordnance and Grand Power Imports

Global Ordnance, and its import partner Grand Power, have upgraded its import line with a .22LR Stribog in addition to some Stribog carbines. Recently, Global Ordnance gave a sneak peek of the options. The TR22 will come in as a pistol while the other pistol carbines, 9×18 Makarov and AREX Delta XTAC will be assembled in the US with the required number of parts to be 922r compliant.

The Stribog TR22 will come with a full top rail and backup sights. In addition to the top rail, the TR22 will have a 6 o’clock rail that is forward of the magazine well with M-LOK at 3 and 9 o’clock. Speaking of magazines, the TR22 has a 25-round magazine with it. The TR22 does not have set pricing yet.

AREX Delta Gen 2 X Tactical pistol
Global Ordnance, and Grand Power, have given a sneak peek of the imports coming into the US this year for them. One such import is the AREX Delta Gen 2 X Tactical 9mm pistol that is optics-ready and has a threaded barrel. It is available in grey (shown here), tan, black or green. [Photo credit: Global Ordnance]
The Stribog Carbines should be available in the A1 blowback and the A3 delayed models, with G (or Glock-compatible magazine) versions of both. The Carbines will be available in 16” and SBR versions that will have either folding or fully collapsing stocks.

As for the pistols, the Grand Power LP pistol is chambered in 9×18 Makarov and the latest versions of the AREX Delta Gen 2 X Tactical pistols will be coming from Global Ordnance. The Markarov is a good option for those shooters that want a little higher-quality experience than an original Makarov or copies. According to Global Ordnance, it will be reasonably priced, close to the LP380 pricing.

The AREX Delta Gen 2 X Tactical pistol will be available in grey, green, black, and tan frames that are optics-ready. The pistols also have a threaded barrel, threaded in either 1/2×28 or M13.5x1LH. The AREX Delta Gen 2 XTAC pistol is supposed to ship with one 15-round magazine and one 17-round magazine. It will also come with four backstrap options for better fitting to the shooter along with five optic plates. The AREX Delta Gen 2 X Tactical is said to have an MSRP of $639.99.

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