SDS Imports Two New Tokarev 20-Gauge Shotguns

SDS Imports has announced it will be bringing two more Tokarev shotguns into the US, thanks to the success of the previous import. The two new shotguns are the lighter-recoil 20-gauge pump-action shotguns, the TX3 20HDA1 and the TX3 20HDMA1.

The two shotguns are both 20-gauge, as stated above, and both utilize the beautiful Turkish walnut forend and buttstock with a thick rubber recoil pad. Constructed on CNC machines and featuring aluminum receivers, the 20HDA1 is anodized with a matte blue finish on the chrome-lined barrel and the 20HDMA1 has a 41040 chromoly-steel finish. These shotguns boast a lighter-felt recoil and are said to be equally suited for home and self-defense as much as out in the field for hunting.

Tokarev TX3 HDA1 20-gauge shotgun
SDS Imports has announced the import of two new Tokarev 20-gauge shotguns to the US. The TX3 HDA1 shotgun, shown above, is one of those shotguns. Featuring a non-luster, matte blue finish, the shotgun comes with three chokes from the factory and is compatible with Benelli pattern chokes. [Photo credit: SDS Imports]
The TX3 20HDA1 shotgun has a non-luster, matte black finish on all exposed metal components and has an 18.5” barrel with an integrated fiber-optic front sight. The shotgun has an adjustable ghost-ring mounted on a Picatinny rail, that also comes in handy for mounting any additional optics. The TX3 20HDMA1 has an 18.5” 4140 chromoly steel barrel, and with the receiver, has been bead-blasted before the electroless nickel plating was applied, helping protect the parts from corrosion and rust.

Both shotguns have threaded barrels with a unique and ventilated head shield and will accept Benelli choke pattern tubes. The shotguns come from the factory with three choke tubes: Cylinder, Modified, and Full. With the right choke tubes, the shotguns can fire slugs and steel shots in addition to the lead shot.

Tokarev TX3 HDMA1 20-gauge shotgun
The other new 20-gauge shotgun that SDS is bringing in is the TX3 HDMA1 shotgun. This shotgun features a nickel coating on the exposed metal and the same lovely Turkish walnut forend and buttstock. Both shotguns have a fiber-optic front sight and rear ghost right on the Picatinny rail. [Photo credit: SDS Imports]
The shotguns feature a contoured trigger guard assembly design that allows for fast access and throw of the Remington Model 780-style crossbar safety. Also in the assembly is the action release if a loaded shell ever needs to be removed from the barrel. The tubular magazine allows for four 3″ or five 2.75” shells to be loaded, with a magazine extension available to owners.

The TX3 20HDA1 and the TX3 20HDMA1 have an overall length of 38.25” and weigh just under 17 pounds. The TX3 20HDA1 20-gauge shotgun has an MSRP of $329.99 and TX3 20HDMA1 20-gauge shotgun has an MSRP of $339.99.

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