GC-157 The Weapon Snatcher | A Study in Mission

Pretty much everyone has seen the viral footage of a man snatching a stolen AR-15 rifle from a protester during the recent Seattle riots. However, not everyone knows this was not the first, but the second rifle the “Weapon Snatcher” took away from a rioter that day.

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Shooter Rughi

The “Weapon Snatcher”

Listen to the interview with the Weapon Snatcher by your hosts Daniel Shaw and Varg Freeborn


“Shooter Rughi” shares with us the importance of mindset, training, and core values. These are what led him to take successful action in a situation that could have gone horribly wrong.

After blending into the crowd, chanting their slogans, and being “the grey man”, this experienced protection specialist (think executive protection) launched into action quickly and decisively to resolve what might well have been an extremely bad development.

Listen to the podcast. There’s a ton of good information in it. Below you’ll find a few excerpts. Some (by no means all) of the topics you’ll hear include:

•25:00 What he carried and why. Medical kit and skill obligations.

•26:57 Rughi’s background and experience.

•23:30 The advantage of true concealment and being the Gray Man.

•40:21 Breaking cover and the draw.

•45:30 What could have gone better?

•47:20 Looking like a good guy: how do you avoid getting shot by another good guy?

•54:30 What would you do differently?

⚠ Warning: Explicit language…F bombs ahead.

Podcast Host: Daniel Shaw

Co-Host: Varg Freeborn

Transcriptionist and Producer: Leah Ramsden



Mindset and Mission Clarity During the Seattle Riots

A lesson for your everyday thinking.

“I was able to make that decision so rapidly because I had framed my mindset into what I was gonna go into that day.” (09:07)

Being Decisive: the Element Of Surprise

“They produced another rifle bag out of the back of the second vehicle, which they pulled the rifle from…I drew my pistol from my pocket and I came up on him pretty much the same way as the other. the only difference was I had further distance to cover.”

“Most of everyone there didn’t know what happened with the first shooter and me taking his rifle…violence and surprise. [With] the guy acting like a sheep the second he saw me, I was able to snatch that weapon – he didn’t want any of it. He immediately took his hand off the fire control.”

The Fundamental Difference Between A Job vs A Duty

07:10 Asked, what was the thought process for you to leave your principles (his protectees) and deal with the stolen police rifle, SR responds,

“From the moment I saw the firearm, I knew it was in the hands of someone that was illegally obtaining it…they were escalating everything they had done from that day..to the moment I decided I needed to get my hands on that weapon and get it away from them…I headed a job to do. I needed to protect my team. So, I made the choice to do my job, and I protected my team. I got them around cover and I told them do not fucking move.

Rughi “the Weapon Snatcher” walking protectees riotous streets during the Seattle riots.

We had briefed beforehand and I told them you need to listen to me because if you don’t listen to me, and you create a variable that I don’t know or that I don’t expect, that’s going to cause a lot of problems for us. So, they were very aware that I needed them to listed, and they did.”

Brandi Kruse of Q13 Fox News; Twitter @BrandiKruse

“I put my team into cover and it wasn’t about me doing my job anymore, it was about me doing my duty. And my job and my duty are two different things…My job was keeping them safe, and that was taken care of. But then my duty came into play. It was to protect others around there and deescalate the situation if I could.”

A scene from the streets of downtown Seattle during recent protests there (this was prior to the establishment of the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone“).
Disarming at protester in Seattle.
Seizing control of a rifle stolen from a police vehicle during recent protests in Seattle after drawing his pistol from a concealed carry pack (a Vertx Commuter Sling bag, if you’re interested). 

Handgun or long gun, and why?

14:05 When questioned about sticking with his handgun instead of using the rifle he was now in control of, SR (a former Marine infantryman and experienced security contractor) explains,

“You gotta look at my situation. Was I in a gunfight? No, I wasn’t. I was not in a gunfight. I was trying to deescalate that from happening. The situation dictates tactics…I was in a situation where I was one guy surrounded by thousands…that were angry and riotous. Now if I was in a gunfight, if rounds were flying, absolutely, that would have been the tactical decision I would have made…but that would be escalation of force and I was trying to deescalate the situation, get back to my team and get us out of there.”

“And, I mean, they’re police firearms. I did not need to be confiscating police firearms just to turn them on civilians. That’s not it.”

Want to know more? Hear about the ethos that drove him to be protective, or his opinion on America’s problem with leadership and culture?

Listen to Episode of 157 of Gunfighter Cast.

Make the decision about who you want to be: people need to stop acting selfishly and start acting selflesslyShooter Rughi

You might also check out @firewatchofficial.

A screenshot of news coverage of the unrest in Seattle.
A screenshot from news coverage of the unrest in Seattle.
The scene in the downtown area couple of days after the start of the Seattle riots;  after the establishment of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” by protesters (more about that on Reason).

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  • Billy Wilson

    As long as he takes their weapons he stops them from shooting innocents

  • Crosshairz

    The sheepdog prevails…well executed!

  • Lord of wisdom

    So he knew of the weapons but didnt secure them all the 1st time, what an idiot

    • Rick

      The only idiot I see is ironically calling himself Lord of Wisdom

    • Mike Fassari

      All of the Police Cars are equipped with Rifles, Shotguns, less lethal shotguns (regular shotguns with bright color – generally orange or yellow – shotguns loaded with bean bag rounds) as well as other equipment not carried on the officer’s body. Those items are generally left (locked in some way) in the cars when the Officer(s) get out to participate in crowd control duties. Most of the Police Cars we set on fire with all of that other equipment inside. Some of the Police cars (like the one the rioter in the video was seen next to) were looted before being set on fire.

  • Barformer

    Good job Mr. Weapon Snatcher. Besides taking back the cops AR’s you saved the protester/rioter
    from himself.

  • Donald Ducko

    I’d love to hear him describe buying a hotdog.

    “I knew I had to get my team hotdogs. After making the decision to procure hotdogs I proceeded to my objective. With the order placed I waited. I made the tactical decision to add mustard and relish. Not wanting to escalate to chili and cheese I maintained my hotdogs and proceeded to feed my team. Hotdogs now safely secured inside our bellies we went on to complete our mission.”

    WHAT A LOAD OF BS! Loved it though. Got to justify those insane executive protection rates. They should think about writing one of those regurgitated SEAL team books on leadership if they haven’t all ready.

    Trump 2020. MAGA.

    • Greg Miller


  • Rogertc1


    • Manimal CoK

      different part of the city. East Precinct in Capitol Hill was evacuated and they took the contents of the armory with them. This incident happened in downtown Seattle. But ya I have a problem with these weapons being left in the police vehicles and then the officers got cut off from said vehicles.

  • ahamiltonfederalist

    if American gun owners were so dangerous and irresponsible as painted by the media and liberals there would have been many hundreds of dead looters and arsonists – yet i don’t think i’ve read about a single one getting shot – instead we have police and innocents being killed by the out-of-control mobs?

  • A_Nobody

    Let Seattle burn until people get so tired of it they run liberals out of town on a rail. That’s all they deserve right now.

  • Shawn S

    You saved lives that day! Well done and beers on me if you get to Houston!

  • Cary Grant

    And the news crew he was protecting doesn’t get this story on the news. Pathetic.

  • Phil Peterson

    Rughi is a hero who likely saved lives, including the “peaceful protesters” who had the stolen SPD rifles.

  • Gary Farrar

    Hard to believe the cops left their rifles unsecured inside their vehicles during a protest.

  • Josephinebarry

    You reap what you sow when you vote in far left democrats. The city can burn to the ground for all I care. But with that said the weapon snatcher is the man.

  • Bladerunner

    A ray of sunshine on a rainy day!

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  • Manimal CoK

    So many interviews with Shooter but my favorite is the one on GarandThumb’s youtube channel.

  • Jay Matt

    Got away with it this time.. but could easily have gone sideways. Reckless.

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