EAA/Girsan’s New MC14T Lady Tip-Up Pistol

EAA Corp has released its latest firearm for the MC14T family of weapons, the EAA/Girsan MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol. The newest MC14T pistol is specifically designed for the modern woman with a balance of style, precision, and reliability for the shooter.

MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol, with
Like other pistols in the MC14T family, the Lady model is one of the easiest loading and unloading pistols, with the Tip-Up barrel feature.


The 380ACP pistol has a glossy black finish on the 4.5” tip-up barrel that doesn’t require the slide to be racked for a round to be chambered. To achieve this, the shooter needs to tip up the barrel, load a round, lock the barrel back in place, disengage the ambidextrous safety, and pull the trigger.

To go with the glossy black barrel, the MC14T Lady’s appearance is complimented by gold small parts that according to EAA/Girsan add to the element of luxury for its high-performing pistol. Additionally, the pistol features wood grips with an engraved picture but gives a comfortable and secure grip for the shooter.

European American Armory Girsan MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol
The pistol is chambered in .380ACP and features gold accents to the black finish and wood grips. [Photo credit: EAA/Girsan]
But the pistol is more than its demure looks. The MC14T Lady Tip-Up’s barrel has four ported holes in the Soft Recoil Pistol design that helps mitigate the gas from the barrel and reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil. This means the shooter can have faster follow-up shots and better control of the pistol during rapid-fire scenarios. Also, since it is chambered in .380ACP, the pistol matches the stopping power of the round with the ease of handling for the owner.

To round out the features of the Lady Tip-Up, the pistol has a front sight that has been machined into the barrel that reportedly gives the shooter faster target acquisition when shooting. Additionally, the pistol has a capacity of 15+1 and an overall weight of 1.4 pounds, making it a decent carry or personal defense weapon.

The MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol comes from the factory in an exclusive embroidered pistol run that matched the overall look of the pistol. The MC14T Lady pistol has an MSRP of $682.

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