Canik’s New Creation Series TP9SF Pistols

Canik Firearms has expanded its family of firearms with the new Canik Creations series of TP9SF pistols. The TP9SF pistols will be available in four different color patterns for the consumer to choose from Reptile Green, Woodland Bronze, Tiger Dark Grey, and Woodland Green. The company states this is a way to show its commitment to shooters with the diverse range of color options with features they’ve come to expect from Canik.

The new color options are said to bring together performance, style, and functionality in the new TP9SF pistols. The original 9mm pistol has been successful since its original release [winning the 2018 Industry Choice Awards Handgun of the Year] so Canik wanted to provide a way for their consumers to show their personality at an affordable price point with the Creations series.

Canik Creation series TP9SF in Reptile Green
Canik has released its new line of Creation series TP9SF pistols. With four colors to choose from [like Reptile Green shown above], the pistols let the shooter express themselves with aesthetics and function. [Photo credit: Canik]
Like the original, the TP9SF Creations have an overall length of 7.55”, 5.7” height, and 1.3” width making it a competent weapon. While not explicitly stated, the Canik Creation series seem to have the same features of the regular TP9SF such as a 4.46” barrel, reversible slide release, and integrated sites. The Creation series also has an 18+1 capacity magazine.

The Canik Creations series pistol offers a blend of aesthetics with functionality so each weapon works flawlessly and looks good at the same time. The Cerakote finishing will hold up to normal wear and tear so the appearance will last. Canik offers descriptions of the different Cerakote color schemes on its website but calls each pistol a work of art that any collector would be proud to have in their possession.

Canik Creation TP9SF in Woodland Bronze
The TP9SF pistol is available in 4 colors: Reptile Green, Woodland Bronze, Woodland Green, and Tiger Dark Grey. They sport the same features as the original TP9SF pistol but include the Cerakote finish. [Photo credit: Canik]
The new Canik Creation series pistols each have their own detailed pattern different from the others. The pistols are available now and have an MSRP of $459.99, only slightly more than the standard TP9SF pistols.

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