Low Powered Variable Optic: the LPVO is the future of rifle glass

LPVOs are here and they arrived hard with a quickness. The LPVOs (Low Powered Variable Optics) have proven to be versatile, effective, and easy to use..

The Bindon Aiming Concept – Use Two Eyes

Glyn Bindon did a lot for the gun industry, including creating the ACOG, tritium night sights, and the Bindon Aiming Concept.

Red Dot Sights – the Basics (and a little more)

Looking to buy a Red Dot Sight, or learn more about the one you already have? This primer talks about the basics of the RDS: terminology, function, advantages and disadvantages, and other considerations.

Co-Witnessing Optics and Irons Sights

<p>When selecting optics for your firearm there are some things you should know if you want to co-witness your iron sights.</p>

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