David Higginbotham is a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. David is a former backcountry guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Boundary Waters Canoe Area who was a college professor for 20 years. He ultimately left behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry and was (among other editorial positions) the Managing Editor for a nascent Mag Life blog. In that Higginbotham helped establish The Maglife's tone and secure its early success. Though he went on to an even more practical firearms industry profession still, he continues to contribute articles and op-eds as time and life allow.

Mossberg MC1: A New Single Stack 9 SHOT Show 2019

Mossberg's new MC1 is a big entrance into the single-stack pistol market. We shot one at Range Day and are here with our first impressions.

The Maxim PDX: A New Standard for Compact PDWs SHOT Show 2019

Looking for a truly compact rifle that will run reliably? Check out Maxim's PDX. We shot it at SHOT Show and have this early report.

Hands On SHOT Show Range Day 2019

SHOT Show is in full swing in Las Vegas. Some of the media gathered down at the range for some quality trigger time with the new releases. Here's what we've found.

SHOT Show 2019: New Guns And Gear Announcements

SHOT Show 2019 is right around the corner. What's new from the nation's firearm manufacturers? New GLOCKS, Mossberg pistols, and more.

The New Walther PPK is Made in the USA

Walther's USA headquarters are in Fort Smith, Arkansas. While much of their line still comes from Germany, the Walther PPK has put roots down in the USA.

Last Minute Glock Ideas for Gifts (or For You)

If you need a present for the Glock fan on your list, you are almost out of time. But not yet. Check out these options and get on it!

The Best Deal on a 3-9x40mm Ever

The 3-9x40mm rifle scope is the gold standard for American shooters. We've come across a deal on these Weavers that is impossible to beat.

Highlights From the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting: Mag Fed Scatter Guns and Crazy Quiet 9mms

The NRAAM is always a hotbed of internal politics. On the streets outside, protestors try in vain to win anti-2A converts. It rarely works, though. Most of the show's attendees are heading to the convention floor, a sprawling display of guns and gear.

Our Top Three Magazine Loaders for Pistols

No one likes feeding magazines as much as they like pulling the trigger, but it is a necessary part of the process. There are some devices out now, though, that make the job easy. Here are three options that stand out.

Five Ways to Improve Non-Sighted Fire.

Defensive shootings happen fast. Proper alignment of a handgun's sights is sometimes impractical. Practicing the basics of point shooting will build your skill set and make you faster.

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