Tisas PX-5.7 Pistol: Hard-Hitting 5.7mm Performance

Tisas, a firearm manufacturer known for its high-quality pistols, entered the 5.7mm realm with the showing of the PX-5.7 pistol this past week at IWA in Germany. The move into the 5.7mm pistol market is no shock when taking into consideration the growing popularity of the platform.

Tisas PX-5.7 Pistol
Tisas has released its 5.7mm pistol with the PX-5.7. Supposedly the lightest 5.7mm pistol on the market, it will come from the factory with optic cuts on the slide, something other 5.7mm pistols lack. (Photo credit: TFB)

The Tisas PX-5.7 pistol, like other 5.7mm pistols, will use a lever delay device for function inside the polymer chassis. The polymer frame allows for better control of recoil, which 5.7 pistols don’t have a lot of, and cuts down the weight significantly. According to reports, the Tisas PX-5.7 pistol will be the lightest 5.7mm pistol ever made.

The small size of the pistol, just over 1.3” thick, and the above-average trigger, should make this pistol a quick competitor. The trigger has a pull weight between 4.5 and 5 pounds and is said to be surprisingly good. The production model of the PX-5.7 will come from the factory with optic cuts on the slide, a feature that no other 5.7mm pistol on the market currently possesses.

The slide itself is hot-forged and has a set of adjustable sights on top. The slide is said to have a QPQ coating, which is a German patented coating with liquid nitrocarburizing case hardening that gives the slide a high corrosion resistance for longer life. The barrel is said to be cold hammer forged. The pistol also features a loaded chamber indicator and a striker status.

Tisas PX-5.7 pistol in hand
The Tisas PX-5.7 pistol has a light trigger and adjustable sights on the hot-forged PQP-treated slide. The pistol comes with its own 20-round magazine that has an available 3+ extension. The pistol is set to make its debut in the US in mid-summer. (Photo credit: TFB)

Rounding out the features for the PX-5.7 from Tisas is it comes from the factory with a 20-round magazine. An extension is available, giving the magazine an extra three rounds. Initial impressions are that it is well thought out in design and has a lot of functional features.

The Tisas PX-5.7 pistol is set to be out mid-summer. The word on pricing is that it will be competitive with other models and well under $1,000. Those eager to get their hands on one shouldn’t have to wait too awful long.

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