Review: Glock 43 Factory Magazine With Extended Baseplate

Does the Glock 43 factory magazine with the extended baseplate offer any advantages over the magazine with the standard baseplate? Let's find out!

Glock 43X OEM Magazines: They’re Reliable. Period.

If the grip is the heart of a pistol, the magazine is the soul. Magazines that don't function will quickly shut a pistol down. I tend to stick with the factory, OEM magazines because those have the very best chance of working reliably.

US Palm AK-47 30-Round Magazine: The Banana Mag!

Are you bananas about the AK-47? This special edition US Palm banana mag is the perfect way to add a splash of colorful humor to your AK!

Lancer L7AWM 20 Round .308 Mag Review

Looking for a .308 mag for your black rifle? The Lancer L7AWM is a light-weight mag with steel reinforcements. For the AR-10 platform, these hybrids may be the best thing going.

Walther PPQ Factory Mags: Long Lasting Quality

You can have the Gucciest gun in the world, but if your mags aren’t up to snuff, you’re gonna have problems. Fortunately, Walther factory mags have you covered. These mags are for the PPQ M1 but, owning several Walther firearms myself, I’m happy to report that the German gunmaker features quality mags across the board.

Elite Tactical Systems Glock 43 Mags: Getcha Some!

Smaller single-stack handguns can be a compromise in capacity. These 7-round Glock 43 mags from Elite Tactical Systems are flush fitting, even though they slip in an extra round.

PPQ Plus 2: Extended 9mm Mags for Your Walther PPQ

The 15+2 magazine is a welcome accessory for the Walther PPQ. Do I wish they were flush 17-rounders? Yes, I do. But they aren’t, so I use them where they fit what I’m doing.

Arsenal Circle 10 AK Mag — Quality You Can Trust

AK-47 rifles are nicknamed “mud guns” because they keep on keeping on. Rain or shine, sand, or mud, they don’t fail. But a reliable gun is useless if the magazine can’t feed it ammo. The Arsenal Circle 10 AK mag isn’t the cheapest, but it is the best. And it makes a perfect companion for such a legendary rifle like the AK-47.

Aftermarket Beretta 92 Mags To Add to Your Rotation

An advantage to the Beretta 92’s ubiquity is plenty of aftermarket support, including mags. Here are a couple Beretta 92 mags to add to your rotation.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Magazine: 17 Rounds of Reliable, Easy Feeding

One of the most important components of a firearm is the magazine. Not all magazines are created equally. They must be designed and crafted with an individual's life in mind. There is no room for failure. There is no room for a mistake. Magazines need to function when someone's life is on the line, and Smith and Wesson factory magazines check all of the boxes. Today we're looking at their M&P9 17-round magazine.

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