Keen Insights: The Knife That Started Bushcraft—The Kephart

The Becker Kephart is a historical homage to the knife that has become an iconic staple in American bushcraft and a masterpiece ready for a long life in the wild.

Road to Perdition – Tom Hanks Kills it (And everyone else)

When you think of Tom Hanks, you don't picture the Terminator, Rambo, or John Wick. But in the 2002 film, Road to Perdition, Hanks stretches his legs in the action genre.

AK Rifle 101 for New Gun Owners, Part 1: What an AK Is and How Not to Buy One

AK Rifle 101 for new gun owners: what an AK is and how not to buy one (a cautionary tale). Ready for the Kalash life?

The Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun with a Trigger Booby Trap

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons is back with another supremely awesome gun for us to check out. This time Ian has his hands on a rare, suppressed World War II M3 Grease Gun issued by the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS). If you’re not familiar with the OSS, it was founded during World War […]

So Light it was Unsafe: The Colt M13 Aircrewman Revolver

The M13 Aircrewman is one of the rarest modern Colt revolvers out there. Here's a look at one with Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons.

Did You Know — Why Dot and Circle Reticles Rock?

Are you still wondering why those people keep telling you to get an RDS - especially one with dot or circle reticles? Well, here you go.

Paul Howe: Fighting from Vehicles — Get off the X!

We spend a lot of time in and around vehicles so it makes sense to train in and around 'em. Paul Howe shows us some exfil moves.

Keen Insights: The Cold Steel SR1—A Hard Use Folder

Cold Steel makes economical knives that are built like tanks. Up for consideration today is the SR1Cold Steel SR1 folding knife — a pocket knife that functions much more like a fixed blade than a folder.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint — A Gun Nerd’s Dream

Ghost Recon Breakpoint started out as abit of a lame game, but when they released an immersive mode it really improved. Lets check it out!

Integrating Medical and Firearms Training

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of law enforcement gearing up for a high-risk search warrant or a traffic stop, or if you are just going about your business and carrying your favorite self-defense weapon for protection — it is always a good practice to have medical training and be prepared with medical […]

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