Handgun History: Flintlock to Percussion

First came hand cannons, rifling, and wheellock Then came the flintlock, and later the percussion system. Here's how it all unfolded.

1873 Single Action Army Revolver: Wheelgun Wednesday

For this Wheelgun Wednesday, we'll be taking a look at the iconic 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, from the early days to modern iterations.

Handgun History: Gunpowder to Rifling

Do you ever wonder exactly how and where handguns got their start? Here's a look at the very beginnings of handgun history.

The Remington Revolving Rifle: Cool but Behind the Times

By the time the Remington revolving rifle was upgraded to a rimfire cartridge, Winchester was on the verge of releasing the Model 1873. But it was actually not a bad idea. Take a closer look with Ian McCollum.

The FN M1922 — Old School Cool

FN took the M1910 and made it just a little bigger for the FN M1922. The idea was to create a service pistol, did they achieve their goal?

Mouse Guns Are Dead And PHLster Killed Them

Mouse guns are dead, and an American holster company killed them. How so? Why? Is Travis full of it? Maybe...but maybe not!

Wood and Steel: the Springfield Armory M1A Tanker

The Springfield Armory M1A Tanker is the latest variant of the M1A series of rifles. How is it different? What about performance? Find out.

The Top Five Weird Guns of the Old West

The Old West was fraught with weapon innovations — some were just weird. Here are the top five weird guns of the Old West.

Firearms Rate of Fire Through the Centuries

Firearms have evolved In less than 150 years with an increase in rate of fire from three to 6,000 rounds per minute. Take a tour through history and see the development, from the old-time matchlocks to the experimental Metal Storm.

Top 5 Guns from John Browning, Patron Saint of Gun Design

The Patron Saint of Gun Design, John Browning has blessed us with many designs. Here are his top 5 most influential designs, across all platforms.

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