The Norinco 97 | A Ramen Noodle Take on Winchester

Pike got his hands on a Norinco 1897 trench gun in a riot gun configuration. Does the Chinese copy of the American OG Winchester 1897 hold up?

The Springfield Hellcat Pro — It Fixes Things

Springfield listened to the criticisms around the Hellcat and made some significant improvements with the Hellcat Pro. Here's what we think.

The Taurus TX 22 — It’s One Versatile Plinker

The Taurus TX 22 is a budget-friendly fun gun. While capable on its own, this is a great platform for a silencer.

Mini-14 Stainless Factory Folder – A-Team Standard Issue

The Mini-14 Factory Folder is aesthetically pleasing, effective, and cool. We strongly suggest picking one of these up if available.

The BUL Armory SAS II Tac 5-inch 1911: “Killer Accurate”

The BUL Armory SAS II Tac 5 1911 looks like one of the best double-stack 9mm pistols available. The Gun Collective gang just took one out. Here's what they thought about it.

5 Fabulous Full-Auto Shotguns and Why They Never Took Off

Full-auto shotguns sound promising when you factor in the pellets per burst ration, but why have they never moved to the mainstream?

The Taurus CT9 – the PCC That Coulda Been

Do you remember the Taurus CT9? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. It's the PCC we all forgot about, including the manufacturer.

The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey — Better than the 940 Tactical?

The new Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey might be the best defensive semi-auto shotgun ever produced by Mossberg, and it's a turkey gun...

Mama Mia! The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

The Beretta 1301 Tactical is the fastest semiautomatic shotgun on the market. It might just be the coolest too.

CZ P10C — The Best Compact Pistol

The CZ P10C isn't the first striker-fired CZ, but it's the very best they've ever produced. Click here and see why.

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