David Workman is an avid gun guy, a contributing writer to several major gun publications, and the author of Absolute Authority. A logophile since way back, Workman is a quickdraw punslinger and NRA RSO and Certified Pistol Instructor. He helps train new shooters on basic handgun skills and CCW requirements and is a strong advocate for training as much as practicable. "Real-world shootouts don't happen at a box range."

ETS 9-Round Magazines for Smith & Wesson Shield: A Clear Difference

There is no mistaking ETS magazines, with their signature transparent polymer. How well do they perform in the S&W Shield? Let's head to the range and find out.

SnapSafe Drop Box: Keep Your Bedside Gun Handy and Secure

The Drop Box by SnapSafe is an option for quick access to a single pistol that keeps the gun safe when it’s not needed.

Training When You Can’t Get to the Range: The Important of Dry Fire Practice

Shooting is a perishable skill—don’t use it and you’ll lose it. The best way to keep up your skills when you can’t live fire is dry fire. Here's what to work on.

Review: CMMG 22LR AR Conversion Kit

Shelling out big bucks for .223 or 5.56 ammo nowadays can be overwhelming, but the CMMG AR conversion kit quickly turns any standard 5.56/.223 AR into a .22LR training aid.

Mepro Tru-Vision Rifle Red Dot First Impressions

Meprolight is the latest optic company to join the rifle-mounted optic fray with the new Tru-Vision red dot. Here are our first impressions.

Magpul Glock 17 Mags: As Good as the OEM?

The Magpul PMAG 17 GL9 is compatible with anything that accepts Glock magazines, but how well does it compare to original Glock mags?

Viridian 4Lux CQ Grip Light: Light and Foregrip Built Into One

Finally, there is a single device that incorporates a foregrip and flashlight all in one. Check out the Viridian 4Lux CQ Grip Light.

PPX: The Sadly Forgotten Walther

As a 'budget gun" the Walther PPX sheds all the typical descriptors and instead delivers a pistol it's hard to believe wasn’t more popular.

Retention Shooting: Why It’s Important and How to Train for It

Gunfights don't always happen at a safe distance with cover and concealment between us and the bad guy. Training for retention shooting is important to be able to control your gun and effectively defend yourself.

Better than a Bargain: Blackhawk A.R.C. Inside-The-Waistband Holster

With the increase in CCW popularity, Blackhawk expanded its footprint with a solid line of IWB and OWB options. One of those is the ARC Inside the Waistband Holster.

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