Heat Loadouts in 2021 – Updating Cops and Robbers

The 1995 film Heat is famous for its firearms. But what the guns of the movie Heat look like if it was filmed today? Check out Pike's lineup.

The Heat Vest From Forgotten Weapons

The Heat vest has made its premier from Forgotten Weapons. Based on the vest from the 1995 film, it holds 8 AR mags and is easily hidden.

The Guns of Predator 1987: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

However poorly chosen, the guns of Predator 1987 managed to wound the creature, and you know that means: if it bleeds we can kill it.

Dog Soldiers: Squaddies By Moonlight

Dog Soldiers: is it a soldier story with werewolves, or a werewolf story with soldiers? Scott reviews a review of the cult classic.

The Top 5 Gun Movies (That Aren’t Heat)

2020 is almost over. Still stuck at home? Check out my Top 5 Gun Movies list. Then go check out imfdb (Internet Movie Firearms Database) for all kinds of gun movie knowledge.

Media Mayhem—Can shotguns hit two targets with one shot?

Movie Madness is all about finding the truth behind tropes regarding guns, gear, knives, tactics, and more from the world of fiction. We explore tropes from video games, movies, tv, and whatever other media comes our way. In our first edition of the truth about tropes, we are going to look at an old video […]

Beskar Built 458 SOCOM Mags? Not exactly, but…

This may not quite be a true Mandalorian gun, but the "Beskar Build" (fed with 458 SOCOM magazines) is certainly an excellent homage to Mando.

Center Axis Relock: John Wick Fighting Style

Keanu Reeves has put in the work required to make his John Wick character believable...but that doesn't make Center Axis Relock any more valid or viable.

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