Ruger Precision Rifle — 6.5 Creedmoor For The Win

The Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor is designed for competitive shooters with excellent attention to detail.

Navy Arms FRF2 Sniper Rifle Replicas Available (for a little while)

Navy Arms, a replica manufacturer and importer of historical firearms, has limited numbers of FRF2 sniper rifle replicas available.

Anderson Precision Series: Made for Competition

Competitive shooting can be expensive, so it is nice to find ways to make it affordable. Enter the Anderson Precision Series rifles.

SIG Sauer CROSS PRS: Competition Ready “Out of the Box”

Sometimes it's a challenge to find the right gun for the purpose, but for PRS, there's the Sig Sauer CROSS PRS. Here are the details.

Fierce Firearms Reaper Rifle

The Fierce Firearms Reaper Chassis rifle has a detachable box magazine and is offered in a number of calibers.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Precision Rifle Shooting

Jeremy and Steve recently hit the Precision Rifle Series Championship in New Mexico. Here's a little of what they did, saw, and think.

Savage Arms Adds 6.5 PRC to 110 Precision Rifle Line

Savage Arms just added a new chambering to its line of 110 Precision rifles — 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). If you’re new to the cartridge, here’s what Jessica Treglia, Senior Brand Manager at Savage Arms, had to say about it: The 6.5 PRC was originally designed as a long-range hunting round,” said Jessica Treglia, […]

Check out the New Competition Chassis Rifle from PROOF Research

Hunters & competitive shooters will appreciate the sub 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee of this chassis rifle. Available in six different chamberings.

Don’t just take the shot, Record it | ATN X-Sight LTE Digital Scope Series

What if you could get a digital rifle scope that works great during the day, has a night vision mode, can record video when you make that shot of the year, is lightweight, has a low power consumption, and is easy to mount—would you be interested? Well, look no further because ATN claims they have […]

Ruger Precision Rifle – Makes Thousand Yard Shots Easy and Gobbles Up Any Magazine

Want to get into long-range shooting? Shoot to 1,000 yards or even a mile? You may want to give the Ruger Precision Rifle some consideration.

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