TorkMag G-Block And 20rd G17 Mag

TorkMag is making a drop in adapter for your standard AR-15 so it can use Glock pistol mags and a Glock 17 sized mag that holds 20 rounds.

SilencerCo Unveils Threaded M9 Barrel

SilencerCo now offers its own threaded barrel for the classic Beretta M9 with built-in compatibility with the Osprey series of suppressors.

New 9mm Carbine: the FX-9

The new Freedom Ordnance FX-9 is a new lightweight AR chambered in 9mm. It feeds from Glock pattern mags and has a very attractive price.

New Short Barrel FN 15 Carbines

<p>FN American just announced a pair of SBRs. Are you willing to deal with the NFA for one?</p>

New Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical

<p>Ruger's got a new rimfire pistol. But it is no ordinary target gun.</p>

New Ritter & Stark SLX Line of Rifles: 0.5 MOA Guaranteed

<p>Ritter & Stark announced a new precision rifle that guarantees "at least" 0.5 MOA for 5,000 rounds with factory ammo. Makes one wonder what can be done with custom handloads.</p>

The Browning X Bolt Pro

Announced at SHOT Show, the Browning X Bolt Pro is available in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, and 300 Win Mag.

Beta Mag For CZ Scorpion Coming Soon

<p>Beta Company has announced a Beta Mag for the CZ Scorpion</p>

CA Fixed Mag Problem Solved By Lantac USA

<p>Due to new regulations in Califonia, legal gun owners have to resort to a fixed 10 round magazine in their AR-15s. Lantac USA has a solution to reloading them.</p>

Four Top Guns from SHOT Show 2017

<p>These are four of the most interesting new guns on display at the recent SHOT Show.</p>

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