Why Mobsters Outgunned The Police: Did We Learn Anything?

The mobsters of yesteryear learned a valuable lesson: he who carries the biggest gun wins the fight. This crazy unbalanced match of firepower brings to question why it took agencies until the mid-1980s to make a change.

The LVAW: JSOC’s Micro Sized Blaster

The LVAW isn’t your everyday, average service rifle but a precision instrument designed for specific missions. It’s often unclear where, why, or how the gun is used, but like many tools, it’s versatile.

The Nebraska Patrol Rifle – Cornhuskers Get Shootin’

Before police officers in Nebraska get their hands on their patrol rifles, they have to pass a state-administered qualification. And we're digging deep into that qual today. 

Policing Then and Now: Times Are Changing

As time marches on, the expectations and opinions of law enforcement change, evolve, and in some ways cycle. How do we keep up with the ever-changing environment to continue providing the best service we can to our ever-changing society?

Dealing With the Police: What to Do When You’re Armed

Carrying a weapon requires responsibility, and with the rise of concealed carry, it's wise to consider interactions with law enforcement. Give it some thought and have a plan in place.

Guns Of the Law: The Most Popular Firearms Used by America’s Law Enforcement

A lot of people look to law enforcement when purchasing a firearm, holster, optic, or other firearms-related items. Part of this is because law enforcement selects weapons that are reliable (most of the time) and because if cops use them, chances are that accessories, parts, and mags are easier to find. You would think the selection process for a law enforcement agency would be pretty straightforward. The truth is, however, it’s never easy, and the selection process isn’t always based on performance alone.

Angles, Lighting, and Retention: A Primer

If you live in a residence where other family members are in separate rooms, you may have no choice but to conduct some kind of search to safely get to that family member. Entire books are written on CQB and building searches, and people spend decades practicing this topic and still make mistakes. This article is a primer to get you thinking about how to move as safely as possible from Point A to Point B and enter rooms as needed.

History of the 187th Rakkasans

With five Presidential Unit (Army) Citations and many other awards, the 187th Rakkasans is one of the most decorated units in the U.S. Army.

The Barricade and The Long Gun: Training for the Unexpected

Three days before Thanksgiving in 2017, I responded to a burst of gunfire a couple of blocks from me. Another officer and I located the residence where the shots originated from and, as we approached, the armed gunman exited the house and opened fire on us. After an exchange of gunfire, he ran inside and took cover in the basement. After a nearly two-hour standoff, the wounded gunman surrendered. I’ve taken a lot of lessons from that night – good and bad.

Training with Airsoft: Another Perspective

Arguably, the greatest benefit of airsoft is its application in force-on-force training. Many reputable firearms instructors use airsoft because it is inexpensive but still offers the reinforcement of “that hurt, I don’t want that to happen again” when shot by a BB.

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