Mouse Guns: How Small is Too Small for Concealed Carry?

As the weather warms up, I tend to shed the clothing that allows me to carry a compact 9mmconcealed. On those hot summer days, I will end up with a .380 in my front pocket. Is the .380 enough? Is there a better option for warm weather concealed carry?

Concealing Spare Mags | Horizontal Magazine Carry

<p>If you carry a semi-automatic handgun for self-defense, it makes a lot of sense to carry a spare magazine.<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>The reasons why aren't a surprise to most.<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>Often times, when a gun malfunctions, the magazine is the culprit. When you add the idea that the additional ammunition supply, it becomes a no brainer.</p>

5 Reasons To Carry a Single Stack

<p>Single-stack concealed carry pistols have been around for more than a century. Many Americans don't want to sacrifice capacity, or make arguments for larger calibers. But the latest 9mm polymer pistols are kicking ass and winning converts.</p>

Why You Need a Get Home Gun

<p>Many of us have rifles that are purpose built for self defense. Most of those guns, though, are locked in safes, safe at home. So what is your strategy when you are miles away? Would you have to rely on your concealed carry gun to get you home if somethign were to go terribly wrong?</p>

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