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Browning’s New AB3 Micro Stalker: Great for Youth, Smaller Shooters

Finding a quality hunting rifle can sometimes be a challenge for more diminutive shooters. Compared to full size rifles, guns with reduced dimensions are relatively few and far between. This can make it difficult in finding a reliable gun with a good fit for a new shooter whose first experience – good or bad – […]

S&W and Crimson Trace Team Up on LiNQ Equipped Rifle

When Smith & Wesson’s parent company, American Outdoor Brands (AOB), acquired Crimson Trace, I suspected that would be a great diversification move for them. However, I also suspected we might see closer collaboration between the sister companies. As I guessed, some of the early partnerships are starting to come to market. One of the first is the […]

Ruger’s Newest Rimfire Pistol: the Mark IV Standard

One of the enduring designs from Sturm, Ruger & Co. is its Standard, or Mark x, line of rimfire pistols. Having a profile similar to the famous Luger pistol, the classic .22 LR handgun has been shot by millions of Americans over the course of its production life. The first of these blowback pistols hit the market […]

A New .30 Caliber DI Gun from LWRCI

LWRC International is known by many shooters as a company that makes short stroke piston system AR rifle variants. However, the company also makes guns that use a direct impingement (DI) system. These DI rifles have been chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge. Now, however, the company is making a DI gun that is chambered for […]

Ruger’s Communist Ranch Hand: the New Bolt Action 7.62×39

While considered by some to be an inferior sporting caliber, the 7.62×39 cartridge is actually a respectable round in terms of both terminal effectiveness and relative accuracy. Many people have drawn comparisons between it and the .30-30 Win: a round that has both defended homesteads and put a lot of meat on the table. While […]

Smith & Wesson SD9 — Not Cheap, Just Inexpensive

<p>The Smith & Wesson SD9 is inexpensive, but that doesn't mean it is cheap. In fact, it makes for a pretty good personal protection tool.</p>

Glock 19: the World’s Perfect Fighting Handgun?

Is the Glock 19 the world's perfect fighting handgun? Detractors would say no. Proponents might say yes. No matter: on balance it IS a well designed, easily mastered, extraordinarily popular pistol.

Wilson Combat’s New Recon Tactical in 6.5 Creedmoor

Wilson Combat announced a number of new rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor this year. One of them is an all-purpose gun called the Recon Tactical.

Falkor Defense’s New Petra 300 Norma Magnum AR

Want a rifle accurate to one mile, delivers more than 1,500 ft-lbs of energy at 1,500 yards and has no more recoil than an AR-10? Let me introduce you to the new Petra from Falkor Defense.

Winchester’s New Pump Guns for 2017

Winchester has a new group of shotguns in 2017. One is bound to catch your eye.

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