The Sig Sauer P225-A1: A Perfect Suppressor Host?

Is the Sig Sauer P225-A1 the perfect host for a 9mm suppressor?


The Sig Sauer P225 is a classic. It was introduced way back in the mid-1970s as a more compact version of the Sig Sauer P220. It was adopted by the West German police and called the P6. Over time as the company released more compact double-stack models like the P229, the P225 was phased out. Sigh. But now it’s back with a few modern improvements and rebranded as the P225-A1.

Even with this larger than necessary Octane 45 suppressor installed, the P225A1 is well balanced.
Even with this larger than necessary Octane 45 suppressor installed, the P225A1 is well balanced.

It’s a single-stack 9mm pistol that operates in the classic Sig double-action/single-action mode. Like most of the others, it has a decocking lever that rotates down along the left side of the grip just behind the trigger. Speaking of the trigger, the double-action weight is about 9 ½ pounds while single-action measures four. The reset is short and crisp and easy to feel after about 3/16th of an inch of forward travel.

It’s all metal, although the frame is aluminum to save some weight. The slide is also now milled instead of stamped like the original. Capacity is eight in the magazine plus one in the chamber. The model shown here came with two, but you’ll want more magazines.

The threaded model shown here isn’t currently available on the website, but you can still order standard versions in black with G10 grips, two-tone, and with wood grips.

So what?

If you’re comparing this to other compact carry pistols strictly on the basis of size, it’s not for you. Yes, you can buy a compact double-stack with a lot more capacity. Yes, you can buy a lighter pistol. If you appreciate “shootability,” great balance and ergonomics, then by all means check it out. It’s slender, has enough grip height to easily drive the pistol, and a great double-action/single-action trigger. Simply put, it’s a joy to shoot.

The threaded model comes with suppressor-height night sights too.
The threaded model comes with suppressor-height night sights too.

Here’s where it really shines. If you can find the threaded model, it’s a near perfect 9mm suppressor host. Adding a can to a full-size pistol often creates a horribly balanced monstrosity. While fun, suppressed pistols are long and cumbersome and front heavy. Not this one. It’s perfectly proportioned to handle a silencer, and the more slender grip only helps to control the extra weight up front.

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