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It’s hard to get excited about the AR realm, it’s all basically been done before. However, at Range Day for SHOT 2020, the Springfield Edge PDW really caught my eye. An AR in a PDW format has been done before without a doubt and they’ve been done well. What the Edge PDW does a little different is be a production gun with an amazing set of features. I can’t seem to find MSRP information, but the SAINT series have always been heavy on features for their price tag.

The SAINT Victor is probably the best AR under a grand right now, and the Edge is easily one of the best under $1,500. If the Edge PDW follows that route it’s going to be an outstanding value. Besides the promise of a reasonably priced, feature-filled gun the Edge PDW had a few features that caught my eye.

The Saint Edge PDW Features

The first was the use of the Maxim brace. The Maxim PDW brace has long been hailed as one of the best on the market. It’s stable, glides like it’s on ball bearings, and gives you a very solid stock, err, I mean brace. It’s very comfortable, let’s just say that.

The gun has a 5.5-inch barrel, making it incredibly short and very compact for a 5.56 caliber weapon. Now the 5.56 is made to be fired from a 20-inch barrel. We all know that 20 inch ARs are basically a thing of the past. When you start cutting off barrel you start getting more blast, more concussion, and more muzzle flash. It’s typically not comfortable.

The Edge PDW has what appears to be a linear compensator that makes the rifle so much more pleasant to shoot. A linear comp directs muzzle blast and concussion forward and away from the shooter. This makes guns like the Edge PDW much more comfortable to shoot. In fact, thats what I was most taken back by.

To me, a tiny AR chambered in 5.56 isn’t superbly pleasant to shoot. It’s jarring, except the Edge PDW wasn’t. It was plenty pleasant and just as comfortable as your standard M4 style rifle. Don’t be an idiot like me and reach forward and grab the flash can a bit though. That stung.

Like all rifles in the Saint series, you are getting flip-up iron sights. The pistol grip is ultra-small and from a company from. The CQG grip has a distinct downward angle that makes this ultra-short rifle a bit more ergonomic. The rifle uses a billeted receiver set and sports a short M-LOK rail system to round everything out.

With the gun industry being obsessed with smaller and smaller weapons guns like the Edge PDW seem to be the future. While it’s not for everyone I think it will be a really fun range gun and even a solid inside the home gun. It’s just begging for a suppressor and some 77 grain Black Hills ammo.


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Travis Pike: a Mag Life contributor

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

  • Mike Strunk

    5.5″ is just too short for a 5.56. I have the Edge in 10″ suppressed and it’s a great gun. 5.5″ is 300 Blackout territory and works great in my Sig Rattler. 10-20 grains of H110 works in a 5.5″. Just not so with slow burning H335 or 748 in a 5.56…..I’m sure accuracy will suffer quit a bit. A 10″ can be made to work with H322 and faster powders.

    • Wm

      Just out of curiosity, what the heck do you do with this stuff, play wannabe commando or what? I have three ar’s, one set for scope use, one with carry handle sights, and one in a 10.5 in pitol brace configuration. I have shot them, and then think, now what? They burn lots of ammo, basically all look the same, have no real character, imho ,like true wood and blued steel rifle. They are machines designed for one thing only, that we have morphed into other uses that society grudgingly accepts. Personally if I had it to do over, I would never have built them or picked up my 2 Arsenal AK’s…these firearms truly are two of the most useless on the planet unless you are going in harms way. There is no hunting scenario that needs one and most personal defense can be handled by many other available platforms. I can not truly understand the perceived need, other than ,I want one because I can….like a 500 hp car…useless,but people still have them!

      • John L

        At first I was interested “into” what you had to say then I realized that your comment is very strange and you are just a troll! I prefer longer barrels but for solid reasons.and I agree with Mike.

      • Mag Life Editor

        Personally I don’t play wannabe commando – I identify and live as a wannabe commando! Sorry not sorry.

    • John L

      I agree with you mike. I prefer 11 to 12 inch myself.
      When shooting generally 16 to 18 inch are my go to s!